You gotta love it. Mick D lookin respectable, shit ay.

if anything they all look kind of “Shifty” to me

Hi all,

In the New Year I will start to get Canberra Crew to outline spare space in vehicles etc so I can start to tee up transport for the tour.

I will be off-line for the rest of December so Merry Xmas, see you all in Canberra!

I hope Santa leaves plenty of 4 wheeled fun under the Christmas Tree!

Dave Pang

Just a reminder about the BELCO bowl jam dogs, i dont know if i can attend the old school jam on the friday but iam definitely there for the saturday session. Its shitty that the OZ day falls on the thursday and not the friday. 8)

Hey Boris,

It would be good to see you either/both Friday and Saturday.

I am back from the dry sandy part of the world on the 5th-6th Jan. 8)

Hope to see you all in Canberra! :slight_smile:

Dave Pang

Depending on what is happening work-wise Mal and I will be there earlyFriday morning.(I miss Weston Creek)

Hi all,

We have had 2 wet days in Canberra, so the park surfaces should now be pretty clean.

I am planning on scoping out most of the sites over the next few days, getting ready for the tour.

I am keen to get an idea on who is planning on being here for the park tour and if you need transport so I can start to round up the locals. So please add to this thread let me know:

  • When you plan to be in Canberra,
  • What park you plan to met up with the crew,
  • If you need wheels, (a car, not Cortechs or Double Cons),
  • Where you are staying (so I can arrange the best vehicle for drop off),
  • If you need a place to stay (I can not promise anything, but I will try to scout of bed/floor space),
  • As mentioned in Concrete Wave - see you on the platform!).

Dave Pang.

Work sees me f*cked for the Friday. I may head down Sat early, come back Sat night. What’s the plan for Saturday morning?


Saturday morning is usually free time, if crew are keen we could meet at Weston Creek (nice sized bowls), take aways near-by.
If it heats up temperture wise, we could cruise down to the local river etc or public pool.

Then head to Belco!

Ainslee Drains / Frontside Boneless one in the early 80’s
Can’t wait to relive it y’all

Yes i will be at the friday jam session :open_mouth: . Dave pang how is the coping at belco? and has anybody done repairs on it since belco05? Cant wait only 10 sleeps now! 8)

Looking forward to Belco. It’s my first time!!

i’m keen on a saturday excursion - thinking weston creek before the jam - what other MASH’rs are heading down.

Saturday - I’ll take my truck down and can fit 7 comfortably inc. me. Skoot and Muz I think are in. Leave my place say 6am?

Weston Creek then head over to Belco to roll before the Jam (which kicks off proper at 6pm). We’ll leave late.

Who’s in?

Looks like Iam heading down thursday with spring and rollerball,I should be a complete mess come saturday :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds good steve, i’m in

Any room for a fourth Boris? Who do I have to call?

MM. Call Fang Skates imediately, tell him that you want to jump on the corperate band wagon and rebel against tofu munching hippies.

Corporate Canyonero Travel welcomes passengers Skoot, Mustang, Rich, Patrick.


6am, Saturday 28 January 2006 Depart at the Executive terminal .

Weston Creek Skateboard facility

12pm - 2pm lunch, location TBA