2015 CROSS SolCal Tour - Photo Album

The CROSSers have got their #$%! together and are heading over to Mecca (San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles) for a 2 week skate holiday.

We’ll update this thread with photos as we go…

Here’s most of the crew who are heading over:

The posse are: Dave Pang, Neil Willington, Ross Scutts, Brent Johnston, Paul Parry, Chris Sheldrick, Anthony Martin, Daz Sharp & Jack Sharp

We depart on 9th Oct 2015, if nothing is posted soon after that date, or you don’t hear from us agin, send out ASIO as it may turn into CROSS’s version of ‘Wild Hogs’ or ‘The Hang Over’!

Nice work fellas…have a blast !!

Looking forward to seeing the footage!..have a rad time crew… :smiling_imp: 8)

Rad , life long dream to do something like this :smiley: Enjoy Gentlemen

Enjoy the skate holiday fellas
:smiley: :smiley:

I too look forward to seeing the footage 8)

no skating on Day 1, just travelling and settling in

1st sesh. Alex Road. Hot and bruising

CROSSers at Canberra airport

Breaky after arriving at Penns Cafe

Like back in the day - waiting for the skateshop to open

Getting the boards set-up

Alga Norte


F@#K yeah! Keep it coming! 8)

Our 2nd visit to Alex Road skatepark (Oceanside)

A quick stop by ‘Martin Luther King’ skatepark ; Oceanside

Spending time with Dave Hackett!

In Dave Hackett’s garage talking skateboarding!!!

Dave Hackett @ Encinitas Wheel Friendly Skate Plaza

Tony Magnusson

Image and tour rest

:open_mouth: are you for real , hackett and magnusson …Damm , how cool was that :smiley:

A few more

The two Daves

Brento 5 minutes before the deep end 1.5 rotation swan dive head first to the flat. You may have heard the splat from Australia. Slam of the trip so far. Walked away like a legend.

Daniel Cuerbo

Decent effort for trying, Brento. That bowl is way out of my compfort zone! I probs wouldn’t ever drop in the motherf@#ker.

Trying…? He was fkkn blasting mate. Rock and rolls, BS airs in the deep, he was punching a gnarly 50 in the deep when he went down.

Blasting Brento! Hows the shoulder, Daz?

3 exhausted & worn out athletes, undertaking their warm down routine after a full days skating!

Wow… visiting Bucky Lasek’s bowl!!!

Paul Wisniewski

Tony Magnusson riding Dave Pangs H-Street Andrect Park & Pool model deck (sorry about the shitty exposure)

T MAG skating his own deck

Daniel Cuervo, Air to Fakie

Our host Bucky Lasek Andrect Handplant, in his tiny backyard bowl!

Aura Skatepark, CROSSers around the awesome wooden bowl!