a.s.s. backyard pool f-----rad.

hey guys check out a.s.s. they have finished tom`os pool twice the size of coburg and fully sick . they really have there shit together in south oz
tomo was one of those from sa at the o.s.s.j.04 and rips whats he going to skatelike now… on skateboard.com.au 8) 8) :laughing:

Might have to score a moss invite I can fit 7 with little lugage in the spaz bus

I have seen pics…WHERE IS THIS BEAST EXACTLY…or is it someones private pool.You mention Sth Oz,and is it finished yet???

seen pics already
post more its fully Rad

PLEASE post pictures…How do you get an INVITE???

I think this is it. I was so impressed with the idea I saved the pic incase one day…

There are some pics of the finished product in use on skateboard.com.au in the ASS thread (I think…cant remember due to brain fade…).

All I can say is I want one in my backyard! Hang on - I’ll need a backyard first!

It looks sorta like Bra and Bondi bowls thrown together in a blender wth the best bits remaining - in a word, GNARLY!

Is oldskool back bigtime or what. Just wait till LODT hits our cinemas. Councils wont be able to dig bowls quick enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

First to win Lotto builds one - deal?

Im in, only problem is if I win the misses wants a 2nd nipper. Damm more nappies


:open_mouth:Oh my GOD

I’m taking the chooks, cats & guinnea pig to the vets, demolishing the shed and tearing out the lemon tree this afternoon!!..then I start digging.

pm me your home addy matt :wink:

the neigbors from hell gave tom heaps of grief when building it.
as a result he has noise restrictions and curfew times.

ive been lucky enough to have a roll, its rad!
Toms a bit paranoid about the noise, so there have only been a few low key sessions go down.

Whats the bet they have a yappy dog…which of course is no problem

Noise? What noise for fcks sake. It’s a cement bowl !! Props to Tom for creating heaven in his own backyard. And many a curse on whiny yappy neighbours frm hell!!