Allawah Slalom Jam, December 3rd

Date: December 3rd

Location: Kempt Park, Allawah

What: A single-lane slalom jam to replace the postponed Australian Tight Slalom. With an automated timing system!

Who: Anybody who wants to race!

More details: Coming soon.

hey skoot
are you going?? can i get a ride with you?
i’ll bring the techni ski… :slight_smile:

No probs pete.

I’ll have to have a chat to the social director and see if I have enough skate points for this one 8)

A big reminder about the Allawah slalom jam this sat 3rd dec. There will be more than enough slalom boards of all sizes to go around so its a great oportunity to ride many different setups. Haggy’s timing system is up and running so you can race against yourself all day too. The course wont be as tight as we normally do to make it more fun for everyone. Its located at Kempt field Allawah. If you have a longboard bring it. Its a great place for that as well.

More details:

Racing will start at 1 pm and finish at 4 pm. You can take as many timed runs as you can fit within this three-hour window.

Kempt Field is a actually a park with a big open grassy area, some trees for shade, and a bunch of BBQs, so bring some food for the BBQ, have a picnic, and make a day of it.

Bugs and I took the timing system down to the local park last night to test-run it… The result - it works perfectly.

So get ready to come down to Allawah on Saturday and tear through some cones.

If you haven’t tried slalom yet - give it a chance, it’s fun! And bowlriders make very good slalom riders. The current world champs all can rip it up on vert and roundwalls!!

See you Sat!
Any questions, call me 0417499404

how good was that???

Great day at Allawah! The weather was good, the course was good, and everybody ripped it! There will be more race days throughout 2006, so get ready for them.

For the results and pictures from the day, see

If anybody has good photos or videos from the day, I’d really appreciate it if you could email them to me at bugs AT doco DOT net

Hey folks,
The Allawah Slalom Jam was a success! Thank you to everyone who made it out, bringing with them a positive and fun vibe. Also thanks to the sponsors, Force, Old Skool, and Lush.

Now for a couple of highlights and results.

Course – single-lane, pretty loose with offsets
Timing system – TrakMate with Tapeswitches

Colin (aka Bugs) set a fun course, wide enough to be made by newcomers, but still tight enough to pump through and gain speed. The man who spent a great deal of time thinking about and putting together the timing system rolled into fourth! A big Hurrah for him!

I think the Jam format worked well. The course was open for practice at roughly 1, but timing didn’t start until 2pm. Then just after 5pm I called “last run” for everyone, closing the window for runs.
Most people made a number of runs, with Scott Tansley taking a total of 14 timed runs! He should have got a prize just for that!

It was great to see people getting faster throughout the day. In fact, a lot of people’s last runs were their fastest.
Pete Smith’s first run was 26.704. Of his 12 runs, his 10th was the fastest, with a 22.755. Perhaps more impressively, apart from one DQ, was that Pete hit only ONE cone all day!! That’s 10 “clean as a whistle” runs, and good enough for sixth place. Well done mate!
Jeremy Rodgers first run was 27.075. His eighth and last run was a blistering 23.878 - that’s a lot of improvement…
Greg was also getting faster, from a 27.352 in his first run to a 24.206 in his final and fastest run, which put him in 15th place. Nice work!

Eric Moore took third on a homemade plank! Check out his board in the photos linked up by Bugs.

Everyone grew quiet during Steve “Bear” Daddow’s runs, just speechless watching him blaze down the hill. You were super fast all day brother!

Dale gets the prize for oldest setup, riding an old FibreFlex from before I was born… Great racing buddy!

For a while I wasn’t sure I would ever see Fitzy on a slalom board – he claimed his feet were too big… Had to have wiiiiide trucks… but it seems the Trackers and your very cool homemade board suits you just fine!

A big thanks to all the guys from Queensland who came down for Sunday’s Downhill but also raced slalom on Saturday. You guys are multi-talented!

Also a big thanks to the MAS*H and OSS guys who came out and charged. Looking forward to riding with you more, both in the bowls and on the slalom course.

And Three Cheers for everyone who helped, took turns on the radio, made sure cones were in the proper places – without you it would have been a nightmare.

I also want to point out how close it was between 7th and 14th place, with eight guys in the 23-second range.

Race Results

  1. 20.219 Haggy Strom
  2. 20.865 Steve Daddow
  3. 21.580 Eric Moore
  4. 22.188 Colin Beck
  5. 22.220 Yatesy
  6. 22.755 Pete S.
  7. 23.057 Scott Tansley
  8. 23.294 Leeso
  9. 23.374 Daniel
  10. 23.537 Arbi
  11. 23.697 Brad Shaw
  12. 23.704 Dale
  13. 23.834 Pete Hill
  14. 23.878 Jeremy
  15. 24.206 Greg
  16. 24.584 Ben
  17. 24.889 Kev
  18. 25.773 Fitzy
  19. 26.468 Bill
  20. 28.476 Pat
  21. 28.487 Kanufi
  22. 31.478 Santa
  23. DNQ Austin

yeh haggy…
gem day, great people, good weather (except them headwinds…arghhh) :confused:
loving it :stuck_out_tongue: 4 wheels down, carving hard and grinning even harder.
timing system is a winner…and radios and no-fuss-fun…you guys rock :slight_smile:
can’t wait to do it again :slight_smile: :smiley: :laughing: :open_mouth:
pics… :question: … iF!eifNtLz!
if this doesn’t work check out my punkartpages @ … 7380041007

shit a bri…
it didn’t work, so just go to my www link.
posting more pics there now. :blush:

yo mbr pete!
i’m glad you had a good time, i’m stoked you came out and ripped it up.

Colin and I are planning our next jam session - it’ll probably be out at Homebush and should be pretty fun. We’re plannning to set two different courses - best combined time through both courses wins.

In the meantime, we will be out practicing. i’ll keep everyone posted on any upcoming slalom sessions.