Allawah Slalom Jam

Hope to see some of you guys at Allawah tomorrow for the Slalom Jam.

It should be good fun, you’ve got three hours from 1-4 to run the course as many times as you want and post your best time. Don’t worry if you dont’ have a slalom board, there will be enough to loan around and take turns on. hell, you might even ride your pool deck…

I’ve just got news that there will be some prizes too, several decks, wheels, t-shirts.

Where: Kempt Field, Allawah (in the park just across from Allawah train station)

When: 1-4, Saturday 3 Dec

I’ll have a chat to the social director and see what the skate points situation is like :smiley:

Well most of you missed it and it was shit hot. Im still buzzing. Scotty, Bra Pete, Dale, Bill, Brad, Pat were ripping, not to mention Haggy kicking ass, basicly only needing one run. Its amazing how fast he really goes.

I had mostly dismissed slalom as a European skiing spin-off
How wrong I was
Great crew
And just great fun.
Big thanks Haggy
Please keep me informed of any slalom action in the future.
More cones please

Sorry I couldnt attend - my skatepoints got fried in a frenzy of christmas shopping…

excuses excuses, you need to upgrade your social director

Hey, bondiboy get yu misses a skatey for chrissy that should solve your problem. By the way i didn’t go either but from all reports it sounded fun. 8)

I was rather hoping she would get ME one for xmas! :smiley:

I was quickest of the old schoolers till Bra Pete piped me at the end with a rippen run. The racing is going to just get closer and closer.
Main Race Results

  1. 20.219 Haggy Strom
  2. 20.865 Steve Daddow
  3. 21.580 Eric Moore
  4. 22.188 Colin Beck
  5. 22.220 Yatesy
  6. 22.755 Pete S.
  7. 23.057 Scott Tansley
  8. 23.294 Leeso
  9. 23.374 Daniel
  10. 23.537 Arbi
  11. 23.697 Brad Shaw
  12. 23.704 Dale
  13. 23.834 Pete Hill
  14. 23.878 Jeremy
  15. 24.206 Greg
  16. 24.584 Ben
  17. 24.889 Kev
  18. 25.773 Fitzy
  19. 26.468 Bill
  20. 28.476 Pat
  21. 28.487 Kanufi
  22. 31.478 Santa
  23. DNQ Austin

Nice job skoot!

Thanks to the old school guys for coming out to the Slalom Jam and riding and supporting it.

I’m glad everyone had a good time. And don’t worry Pat, there will definitely be more of this to come in 2006. Also in the works - ParkSlalom, I’m thinking Dulwich Hill in not too long…

A longer write up is in the Coneheads section,

peace out…