Proudly presenting… the CHURCH OF SLALOM!

Yes, that’s right folks - it’s time for another Allawah Slalom Jam!! Archbishop Bugs and Reverend Haggy will set an exalted course that will challenge your beliefs and test your spiritual mettle. Of course, timing system will be in force to measure your performance against the evils of temptation presented by tricky cones, spectatorial distractions, and fellow four-wheeled believers! :smiling_imp:

So bring your friends and come on down to partake in some of the finest and fastest gospel on four wheels around!! Guaranteed to revive your soul!!

Where - the current hub of Slalom Gospel in Sydney: Kempt Field, Allawah

When - 2 pm, Sunday, April 30

Brother Price and Reverend Haggy getting baptised back in 2004.

Sub 28’s on the vert deck this time Haggy’ heh-heh

Bloody lookin’ forward to the arvo’ was totally rad last time…soooooo much fun…soooooo kewel a crew !

Cheers’ Cam

forgive me father for I have sinned!
Today I was contemplating rining my longboard all the way down the street. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Amen !

Don’t forget dudes!!

Get your race face on for Sunday, a good time will be had by all!!

Is it possible to BBQ?

There is a BBQ there, which I believe runs by feeding it coins…
So definitely possible to BBQ.

Well that was the best day in church I have ever had! Made all the better by a great congregation. Look forward to the next one.
Thanks Guys for everything

Id be a happy man to Tim if owned a weapon like yours.
Another great day which seemed to go to fast, Haggy your going to have to fix that, we want more hours in the day, or perhaps start at noon.
Thanks Bugs.

Fellow Believers!

Good times yesterday. Bugs was the master architect of what I reckon was one of the most challenging courses we have yet seen at Allawah. A lot of speed and tricky offsets, but man what fun! It took everyone a couple of attempts to make it, but everyone quickly got the course dialled in and then it was just flat out for the fastest times!!

Great to see everyone who made it out.
Bra Pete - Kel has your boards you left behind.

Now I’m really beginning to look forward to Bangalow, hell yeah!!

thanks haggy, thanks again bugs, :laughing:
for another afternoon of fun racing.
does anyone have kel’s # so i can get my antiques back :blush: :slight_smile: .
i have to get a real slalom setup :mrgreen: and stop using haggy’s.
hey scoot, kel looks like a threat, bts greg put the craftwood deck through to 3rd and those nulla lads are catching up quick - old school team also looking good.
does anyone know who the photographer was? where can we see the pics??? :open_mouth:
sic fun, top congregation, great altar, another convert… :stuck_out_tongue:
thank god for skatin’ :smiling_imp:

Another fine day of racing at Allawah! The course was a bit intimidating at first but turned out alright after a few practice runs where you could work out the line to take.


  1. 21.618 Haggy
  2. 24.155 Daniel
  3. 24.292 Bugs
  4. 24.559 Kel
  5. 24.830 Groundhangers
  6. 25.591 Mbr Pete
  7. 26.756 Fitzy
  8. 27.397 Jogger
  9. Tim
  10. Dave

Thought I’d got second but Daniel got by me with those stylish drop-knee turns. And now I’ve got Kel and Groundhangers right behind me too.

The guy taking photos is named Craig, and he’s going to give me a copy when he’s finished processing them. I’ll post them here then. They looked pretty good in the camera.

Wow - looking at those times (and with no disrespect to any involved!) I’d have to say the results are more like:

  1. Haggy
  2. Daylight
    3 etc. Everyone Else

I’ve yet to find enough skatepoints to attend a slalom sesh but on the strength of the figures I really look forward to seeing Haggy in action!

top fun,thanks for the lend of your board haggy and thanks for the tips GH and josh(hope thats the dudes name).wicked viewing on the roe site and also insect looked interesting.any tips there?heard you where making a few slalom decks too GH,any pictures?looking forward to the next meet. :slight_smile:

Mick - check out
They have a list of pretty much all the different board manufacturers. Whatever you get you can’t go wrong. Or perhaps GH will go into board manufacture - BTS Slalom decks would be rad!!

Let us know if you have any questions about gear or are thinking of buying stuff.

Great to see you out there yesterday - you were ripping!

Yeh the decks are all a trial and error thing right now but, im as keen as mustard so ill just keep at it. Brains is working overtime without pay so he is really going to have to pull his finger out for Bangalow.

We Want…

BTS Slalom Boards!!!
BTS Slalom Boards!!!

Really looking forward to seeing and riding one of your boards GH!
Go into mass production and sell em to new keen slalom riders in oz…

Haggy sorry I missed Sunday but too much happening.Been getting in some practice in though. Sounds like you had a top day.Looking forward to Bangalow.Made some offset trucks and they seem to work fairly good. Happy to hear Greg is experimenting with slalom boards.Go the Aussie slalom scene.

Hi bugs.

Here is a quick snap of you at Allawah. I will have the rest ready for you this weekend.

regards, Craig.

craig - that’s a wicked shot!

very cool, can’t wait to see the rest!