An evening with MIKE MUIR!!!!

I should have bought that Dogtown Stonefish on ebay…could have got him to sign it!!!

forgive me, never listened to suicidal tendencies. what sorta genre you put them in - punk? “infectious grooves” on the flyer don’t sound like punk to me :frowning:

ST is out and out OG skate punk/rock! … and Infectious Grooves… well the name says it says it all really… Funk with a clear definite Suicidal Tendencies skate punk influence! I have always found Mike Muir pretty inspirational… lots of great energy and a real ‘don’t hesitate, don’t look back’ attitude!

which would you say has been thier best album andrew? i’ll scour the second hand shops and have a listen :laughing:

PS join so your not a guest dude!

Is he coming south to Hellbourne? Anyone…anyone…Bueller?

Just checked the Sui’s site and unfortunately it’s a one night only gig.

The guy’s a fucking legend, gets me keen jus thinkin’

skateexec: You can’t really go wrong but for me the really influential albums for ST are Join the Army & the self titled 1st album. As far as IG goes… the Plague that makes your booty move… is absolutely great!

I am a first time forum user… is there some sort etiquite around being a ‘guest’?

No rules on forums, I got death threats on BDS forum over re-issues till Wes Humpston backed me up!!! and Tony Hallam is another example, we are very civilised in comparison.
Back on thread…Suicidal tendencies over the P.A, Christian Hosoi at Prahran ramp…went off!