Andy Jenkins Art ,Foundation and BDS Deck Pads Gloves

Righto purchased the Original Pen on Paper Jenkins art from the guys at Skatebook , it came from Andy drawn on a with complements card attached with some advertising documents , the deck is nos and has only been used as a wall hanger , the stickers will come off no problem …$150.00 shipped aus wide for both items , Paypal is the Payment

Was going to put this on the bay , but bugger it i will discount it here and not pay the thieves at ebay there fee’s

$130.00 shipped if your keen :smiley:

Righto going to add a few more items to the above and do a deal on the lot .

1 x BDS Deck ( Wall Hanger , has been signed by ? on the skull and is faded in a couple of spots , otherwise fine
1 x Set of Sector 9 Gloves , Unused (L / XL)
1 x Set of 187 Pads , Unused ( L )

These items plus the above Jenkins Art and Foundation Deck for $200.00 shipped Aus Wide .

The foundation deck now has the Sticker on the Nose Removed …

Sold to the man with the Fish Eye :smiley:

Thanks Guys