Any ideas on history of these longboards?

These two longboard decks have been floating around our house for a while.
The Alva is 42.25" x 9.75" with a 24.5" wheelbase.
The Powell is 43.5" x 8.5" with a 25.5" wheelbase.
I haven’t been able to find reference to the Alva anywhere on the net, but the Powell graphic is apparantly “Jim Fitzpatrick, Malibu circa 1965” and something close can be seen on this page:

I’d also welcome suggestions to “pimp my ride”! Any thoughts on wheels/trucks for these babies?!

I assume they will be used for street cruising, so my suggestion would be nice soft wheels around the 78A mark - a number of shops carry longboard style wheels these days. Brands include BDS (courtesy of Braden of course!), Sector 9, Kryptonics…

Some nice turny trucks in a width that would match the wheels/deck width (just so the wheels sit around the edge of the deck) - I’m biased toward Indys, but you could try Randals also. Wedged risers are also a consideration to aid ‘turniness’ (?).

Funny how their both drilled for new and old school. But ones the wrong way around.

Yeah! I only actually noticed the drilling pattern when I took the pics this morning.

bones bombers or cubic re issues with indys!