Anyone interested in comin to a slalom race in Lennox?

Would anyone come?
Hill would allow tight and GS…probably outlaw as no opportunity to persuade the somewhat backward Ballina council has presented yet.
(although I am working on that)

I am thinking oct…but am open to suggestion as the waves are best winter/spring.

Nimbin skatepark is also close… a little surf a little slalom a little smoked salmon?

I would be in Brado and get some of the palooka crew as well. We can get some others and car pool etc to share the costs??

Hey Brothers.
Canberra is booked for the same month I believe, Brothers could be low on skate points, But whatever I would be interested .

Whatta you reckon?..let’s race! :smiling_imp:

I would be in for a surf skate trip braden, not too far for me anyway. Are u doing something at this race on the 16th ? I seem to be a bit out of the loop with all things cone head these days???

The view of the slalom hill…and the view from the finish line…

Got flyer points.
Working on Skate points!

don’t care about points but don’t have money