Anyone know how to contact Springer ?

Lukey is at a loose end and wants to hook up with Spring in the US. Anyone know if he’s checking email or have other contact details ?

Boris ? MASH crew ?


Hey tone, sorry i didn’t see this post earlier yesterday because scott called me last night. I don’t have his number because he has been ringing on my land line. I believe groundhanger has his number, springers has been trying to text people but some reason it’s not working. So try groundhanger( send a message ) or get luke to call either jake brown or tas pappas i believe they have his number(states). If scott call’s again i will pass on this message. 8)

Mission accomplished. Springs picking Luke up from LA airport on April 2.


Thanks Morris !!


You guys might be keen to check out this link … opic=12691

Rockin ron has posted a vid of the guys skating at glendale in the US, also getting big raps on their attack over there