Anyone on the nth nsw coast? (Charlie dont surf)

Moving to Lennox head in 2 weeks…got my green card :open_mouth: …need to set up a slalom scene there. But first I have to re-aquaint myself with mother ocean.
I cannot thank my Melbourne brothers enough for the last 10 years…this site saved my life too :exclamation: and the only people to support me in this move were you guys…I wont bore you all with the details, but I will document the trip…more soon.

No Thank You for Charlie and keeping us all sane, think we have all made a lot of great freinds, all the best Mate be no lookin back, Mark.

You still here???

Sunday …Ditch if you dare!


couple of old mates up that way,andrew tennant in yamba, peter (tynon) bradford in bellingen,mark daniels in tweed heads and dont forget gary nolan is in lismore i think.andy still skates sometimes.

also yes lets do the ditch sunday can you make it braden 1ish sunday i know your probably busy packing but just come for an hour.

You still here???
haaaaaaaaaaaaaa 8)
of course i’m comin sundy…

Damn, I am some what struck by envy. what a cool part of the world to move to.

Ballina bowl/park is great. do not bother skating the one at Byron, … iew&id=174

as it is shit.

Maybe consider getting a mal/long board, Will be offended to hear if you get a stand up paddle board (although they are good for fitness) as I think they may well be the scooter of the surfing world

Not as hard as I thought it would be Mosu…once the family is on the same page things start to fall into place…I will body surf with fins untill my fitness gets better then move to a longy.

packing up the comp…truck is coming…

best of luck and happy days Shlager clan,

good luck guys and safe journey

so the first thing ya done was put the beds together while the missus plugged in the fridge to keep the beer cold and now the tv is working how knackered do you feel thinking bout that glourous beach,

Here I am…still no internet, thanks telstra :angry: …outrun fires, floods and cyclones…first day on the point the swell was 7-8 metres :open_mouth: left the ocean alone for a few days but have been in every day since.

Kids are becoming fish and are settled in school…oz anthem sung in the morning and the flag is raised…all the kids surf and skate…reminds me of 1976 here…

the air is thick and cheap bearings and cars are the go as everything rusts in the salt haze…my lungs are loving it though.
The local farmers markets are insane…I have avocados, mangoes, limes and strawberries in the backyard and the farms between here and byron are honour system so coles and woolies can get fucked :smiling_imp:

will get internet by end of next week and will post more including photos…

there go the shark attack rumours,

rippin good stuff mate so glad,

30 bucks a match box you say,

On the way back from lumpy 3-4ft flood affected semi clear surf that the locals still wont touch but I dont give a fuck coz i;m from melbourne and geez the waters warm I found the perfect slalom hill mmmm buttery fresh and 3 car loads of old geezers toolin around on boards…methinks they will love slalom 8)