Anyone used to skate old woden skate park???

Im looking to get replies from anyone who used to skate at woden from around 1986 til about 1993 when it died in the arse.

I visited it one. it was the bowl (with channel) next to the sports over. Rad joint

I grew up in Canberra. And this was my local.
I had pretty much given it away by 86 then moved to Melbourne in 87. I never saw the wooden pipe that was built there. I just know the perspex ones.
Tim Witten was the hottest local around that time, And Matt davis was an up and coming young ripper.
This is one of Tim.

The bowl was alot of fun too.
We used to skate it like a quarter to learn tricks like this lean air by Peter Geogeghan. (spelling)
You can just see part of the “W” ramp in the background of this pic which was fun too.

Ahhh wide boards

Those were the days…
That perspex 1/2 pipe looks killer, how much vert did that monster have?

The bowl was pretty much all that was left when I started skating there.
You would find pieces of perspex all over the park. We used to take them to school and cut them into tailbones on the bandsaw. Wasnt long after that they started building the vert ramp. then the 8ft ramp

Only ever skated the perspex version of Woden park once on my way to the snow in about 81. The (flatbottomless) 1/2 pipe was quite deep, 10-11feet maybe? Scary as helllll without a platform. I’m not sure if my memory serves me right, but I’d reckon the top panel you can see in the photo was all vert (approx 2 feet, straight up vert). Which mean Tim’s b’s air is all the more AWESOME for it’s time. Even more awesome was how smooth the bastard was !


Errol your right about the vert = top panel
There were only a few guys that I remember being able to skate it well.
Tim Witten the best i remember.

Franck Horvarth the other, This bloke could do extended handplants on it.Pretty scary thought with no platform.

The front door prior to opening.

Hah! Great stuff.


Those pics are awesome (definately needed for my book{please!}).

I was employed as a Skate monitor at the park, Tim Huston and I organised a 24hr skate marathon one weekend in its hay day.

What a place, one bus ride from home.

Matt Davis, Tim Huston, myself wer the groms, in awe of Tim Witton, the 2 Franks, Trevor King etc.

Barry as the coolest guy!


Hey Dave,
I think my brother, Marcus Sullivan, used to hang out and skate with your brother Richard. Actually I think they both went to Melrose High.
Does this sound right or is my memory really that bad??
Thanks mate.

Thanks for posting the great photos Cam.
Its weird to see such a familiar place look so different. They are the best pics of the perspex ramps Ive ever seen. Goes to show that Canberra has always had a really strong skate scene. I feel pretty lucky to have grown up there.
Thanks again,

what happened to those ramps? Cause either they were bought by or exactly copied by the grass ski park in forster nsw (with ply instead of perspex) they had an exact copy of that w-ramp and the big u-shape half pipe with no platforms and a roll in on the side. Later they added flat bottom to theirs and a platform on one side with a conventional roll in in the middle that the vert came up to your armpits when you were statnding ready to roll in.


The whole Pang Clan use to end up at Woden skatepark, and one brother Richard was there too, we all went to Melrose high.

My year talked the PE staff to let use go to Woden for PE lessons some times!

Foster did end up with the ramps, myself, Paul Hart, Martin Batchelor and a crew of others skated there in the ealry 90’s (late 80s).

Great photo’s.That bowl was the where it all started for me.I remember hearing stories of Tim doing front roll ins in Doc Martens.Trevor King was the man that probably showed my gen how you rode bowls,How to flow,skate fast and stand up on grinds.If you have anymore photo’s of Woden or Canberra lets see em.

Some great photos, Cam.

Looks like you’ve been busy with that camera from the time you were a grom…keep them shots coming!