Arana Hills Bowl

Does anyone remember the old Arana Hills bowl in brisbane or have any pictures?

sure do… a snake run style bowl, deep end had a crows nest. I spent many days there when I was younger. There and the old redcliffe bowl.

I will hunt for pics.

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I remember “Tracks” magazine did a photo shoot there in the very early eighties,it was the first time i remember seeing real skating there. Up until then most the local kids rode pushies in it.

I worked as an apprentice telecom tech at Chermside and used to skate there on the way home from work sometimes. Around 1986 I think. Went back to find it in the early 90s and it was gone.

yeah. i was one off those kids on pushies

I wish I had photos. I used to skate there with Alistair Dalgliesh
83/84/85 He was 7 years older than me but took me under his wing.
We were running the first burford blanks. Indys and kryptonics or ratbones.

going on the hunt for the photos. gotta be some out there somewhere…