Are we not men?

How about a group buy DEVO fans? Check

T-shirts are $20US a pop and about the same for UPS shipping. If we group together we can split the shipping?

Hmm I may be a player if I can scrape up the bucks…

I had a couple of Devo shirts - one with the wiggly devo logo (prob long gone) and I ended up with two from the concerts circa 1982ish. They are teh ‘duty now for the future’ shsirts they still make - I doubt I could fit them now, but I recall I had one in real good nick. If I can find it I reckon it would fit your young bloke just fine - so if I find it he can have it!

i used to have a fab black duty now as well as an energy dome t-shirt. got way too much devo vinyl in my closet (75+ records -i used to collect devo stuff) but now have it all safely on cd…
the club devo duty now tee is looking pretty good.

I had a shirt with those iron on letters :cry: no money.

Wasn’t it a pisser when ‘Whip It’ hit he charts? Every prick was a DEVO fan all of a suddden :angry:

Leave this thread a week and see how many takers we have. We’ll go from there.

Guess I’m just a spud boy - looking for a real potato.

She spent her money on a car…
She spent her money on a BRAND NEW CAR…
did’nt get her very far…
you know it did’nt GO VERY FAR…
You know your a spud boy when your 3 year old son knows all the words to She’s so sloppy and hates High five (makes me proud!)
Maybe I can get em cheaper…they offered me gear to shut me up about “It’s all good” being the best piece of music I’ve ever heard and it should go on an album and whens that album comin out and can I be in the band and…

I’m in. I’ll keep an eye on this thread for movement.

Hey Joe, welcome mate!
Did you grow up in Glen Waverley off Ferntree Gully road?

Yea , near the corner of Blackburn and FTG roads.Were you a local there too.

The other side of FTG Road, off Westerfield dve.
I remember skating the quarter in your driveway 77’ or 78’
Small world!

Was that the big sheet of chipboard propped up on some brick or the sheet of steel curved up against the wall under the carport? If you’re talking about a built quarter then you might have me confused with Ludi who use to live 3doors up. Our first Build would have been more like 79 and it was a prety decent half pipe in the back yard.I still talk to Ludi every year or so. He is still the master cruiser, a real legend, the dood who put me on to DEVO and many other bands in the first place.Good to chat anyway bud.
cheers Joe

ps: did you ever sk8 the bus depot on Rickets Rd?

i’m not sure if this is horribly wrong or absolutely great…

Oh my fcken god - how could they sell out the music to Disney? I’m near dry reaching watching that fck Fck FCK!

That is fcken RANK fcken Hi-5 wannabees singing our tunes :angry:


that was my initial response until i thought of little kids running around
singing ‘uncontrollable urge’. pity they didn’t re-do ‘blockhead’.

Steve, I thought I was depressed today! It’s not that surprising - Mark Mothers(whatever it is) has been doing cartoon jingles for years. And how could Devo not Devolve into something shallow and commercial - they always said it would. But then again , anger is an energy (even John Lydon does lame reality shows with Peter Andre in the UK!!!)


Why not?


I guess they can do the whole catalogue if they’re prepared to pay the royalties.

Nevermind. That’s put DISNEY on my shit list though…

A mate of mine who was in Sydney for a flying visit has left me behind an old Devo album - if its the one I think it is it has a bunch of waaaay old demo versions of songs on it. I’ll keep you posted when I get it, and see a feller I know to put it on CD for all and sundry!

Im in…anyone got a b side called “it’s all good”?
It was on the Chlorine soundtrack.

yeah ,i’m a big devo freak,always have been,
saw them in 1990 at the town & country club in london, they rocked, early stuff through to the latest stuff at the time,mark mothersburgh is a truly great live frontman.
alot of the crowd that night were skaters,& the biggest cheer they got was when they opened with freedom of choice with the classic video playing on the back drop featuring brad bowman / el gato /m.alba.
ahhh…great memories… 8)

I got an ‘are we not men’ tshirt from that club devo site a few years ago.
i can recommend buying from it.

While i was on the site, i emailed them asking when they were touring Aus.
They emailed me back too and said they would think about it for summer (two years ago) They also told me how much they loved Adelaide and visiting the wineries.

Maybe they need a few more tour requests.

Also i found a dvd at me local record store last year sometime which had all their videos, lots of rare and old shit and them doing a live set at lollapalooza in about 96. Fukn RAD!

Get ready everybody for DEV3O (animal noises to the tune of devo songs) it will be this summers biggest hit. Good lord! good people i cant wait for disney’s junior take on the dead kennedy’s. :open_mouth: :confused: