Ask Pangy!

Dobbed you in now Dave!
In my opinion, one of the worlds greatest skate photographers spends some time on this site…maybe we can pick his brains!

Yes Dave shows that theres more to it than point and shoot. You also really have to credit dave as being an inately tallented and skilled person too. There is luck in the timing of a shot but not in the look. I also like the art direction of Rgrants pics. Making them more filmic seems to help with skate pics. That rough grainy look with lense distortion (fish eye etc.) and less color pallette. Framing with headroom etc.

Dude its hard enough just sorting out point n click

Lesson No. 1 to mossu. Take the lense cover of before you shoot.

AAAhhhhh that would explain this photo :blush:
Skoot frontside at Dullo

Dear Dave,
When will I get hair on my face and why don’t the girls like me?

Yours Faithfully

P.S. I did get the point of this thread…didn’t I?

We really miss you Mr Smith!

Dear Dave,
I’ve got all the gear…including the Latest Vision street wear wham top and everything, how come I dont skate good?
Concerned skater.

Bahahahaha. :laughing: