Next Wed night i would like to collect $5 off everyone for the purchase of a new light (1500 watt) Price is $75. A saving of 55 bucks! So whatever amount i collect i will put in the ballance. It is of similar size to our 1000 watt’er just a larger globe and i recon it will really crank. Then the smaller lights will then be able to concentrate on other areas of the park.
All those in favor say I !

Aye :smiley:

Hey Greg, I havent contributed any kind of lighting to the MASH night sessions, so Ill be happy to give you $20.00, towards a new light next time I see you.

How about cash and a somewhat delayed Motorhead cd next time I attend? :smiley:

yeah dude


no worries

Count me in

More Lighting farout you bet Ground hangers Guys I want to Build us a good sound systeam . Maybe 1.0 long .5 x.5 ,CD Player built in ply on castors so I could roll her of and on my ute , she would proberly have to run of one of the genies, any ideas?? summer nights skating to good clear tunes would be excellent :smiley:

That sounds like a great idea mark that is well over due. I would sugest an MP3 Diskman or the like with a power adapter (very little AMPs) and an old 2 channel amp around 40w or more, someone must have one lying around. Ill gladly donate a couple of speakers in boxes

We are also going to change the old 1000w globe ( keep it for a backup) for 1500w so we will experience 1500Watts x 2

Power on MASH ! Count me in GH.

Well its a day late but MASH now has two 1500watt lights.
courtesy to all that has chipped in. Im hoping to give them a test run some time this week at Andrews.

i’ve got some money to chip in as well, couldn’t make it last night - too much work… grrrr

Well theres always Riverwood next week.

The new globe for the old light doesn’t fit, so for now we are just going to have to use the old 1000watt’er , awww you say, oh well, but new one Park got is heaps bigger and realy bright. We ran both the light this arvo and the jenny just laughed at us.

Also, i washed two of the SOSSJ shirts today and one of them cracked up and came unstuck in some places. Now i have been using the same transfers for sometime now and ive never had a problem before, the only difference is that this is a new batch of transfers, if you have a problem give them back to me. I am sorry for the malfunction. Hey! blame Danno he put them on.

Wot time u guyz’ kickin’ off tomorrow eve’ Greg ?