Attention Colonel

Missing one OG issue MAS*Her answers to nickname of Colonel. last seen Easterish last year before moving to Queensland ( I think near Bundaburg).

Any one know how to contact the Colonel. I’ll be up in Queensland for a visit shortly and thought it might be worth hooking up for a skate.

mission accomplished. Found at Beerwah, in QLD. Thanks ChopperPat

I was up there in November. Here’s a pic of the Colonel in his backyard.

fine setup the Colonel has there. looks like all the sk8ing has taken years of him!

He did say he had lost weight, but I don’t think he lost 40kg and 30 years. The Colonel is way up the back in his Steve Erwin, Beerwah local shirt.

now I see him. :blush: Will have to score the Steve Erwin shirt and stubby holder while Im up there

Have successfully caught up with the Colonel at his favourite local bowl.
Coloundra is the best thing ive ever ridden. do your self a favour and roll their if you can.

Also checked out Ballina, Coolum and Alexandra headland. Ballina wasnt what I expected fun but fully crowded. Coolum is out of this world and if I hadnt gone to Coloundra afterwards i would have rated it the best AUssie Bowl ever! (unfortunately its only the 2nd best ever oh well…) ALex is a flogged piece of $%*#.

next part of the mission session Coloundra wednesday with The Colonel and maybe Matt Davies. bring on the visiting US pro’s (fuck that I would have to share bowl time with them)

Much thanks to the Colonel and also Matt Davies for showing me some great concrete.

got to skate Alexandra headland,Ballina, Beerwah, Coolum, Caloundra,Sunshine Beach Aquatic center, Sandgate and a few others.

Caloundra is the stand out, saw Morayfiled but didnt get to ride it, it looks rad. Coolum and Beerwah are great. Sandgate is a Riverwood replica with shallow 4ft and deep end 7ft and is fun.

Coolum and Alex are both under lights. Coolum is the better option of the two.

a few photos of sunshine coast concrete

sandgate or mini Riverwood

Beerwah beneath the shadecloth (what a brilliant idea)

Colonel at Caloundra

yourstruely at Caloundra

Now thats fun!

Qld is bowl paradise alright. Peregian is another fun park in the district under one of those ‘shades’ that I’ve checked out. How’d you find Coolum? That spined bowl setup there looks pretty challenging.

Tranny in the shade. Thats awsome.

Coolum was one of my favourite spots I visited. found the bowl a little tricky on my front side on the big wall for some reason but otherwise had a ball there. it has lights on every night till 11pm

didnt get to see Peregian but checked out Sunshine aquatic center which was good

The only bad thing about skating up there is every one looks like they should be spono’ed. there is such a high standard of skating going on. Also it is more than a little warm up there.

you should have seen the night skates at Alex, probable 50 plus grommies all ripping and a dozen bmx. I managed to drink a longneck of MB and have a roll. its rather unpleasant to skate in the middle of the day with out a shade cloth cause it was so hot.

We need shade cloths in Sydney for summer (pity they cost a few mill, anyone got some deep pockets they want to empty.)

A few of the sk8parks in far Nth Queensland all have shade cloth sails above them. Damn fine idea considering how hot it is there!