Foz (Rich from Bulldog skates) has said that all BDS gear will be presale to get an idea of numbers.
The remainder will go on normal sale till number is sold. I cannot wait till that happens…the 8 wheeler for example is gone…these shapes may remain but either way the graphic will be different.
This means I must presale too, and there is a lot of new product…
BDS hoodie
BDS flexfit cap
Shogo long board
Stretched Z13 longboard thingy with new graphic
Aqua midtracks (for 8 wheeler)
Aqua wingskulls (for 8 wheeler)
So if there is a graphic you want or a shape just say and I will order.
Thanks guys, I will post pics as Wes does the art.

You’ve got me down for a z13 and an 8 wheeler :laughing:

I’ll regret not saying yah to the longboards… oh fudge it put me down for one of each :open_mouth:

and a set of aqua mid tracks :wink:


Put me in for 1 hoodie, 2 if there are different colours and 2 hats(1small if poss for the Mosspring)

Might spring for a long shogo depending on specs

Skatexec, got ya covered on Z13 and 8 and aqua mids…will get you aqua wingskulls coz you have too! (investment wise)
Fletch, Hoodies will be cool!!! only come in Navy blue, flexfit hat is one size fits all.

oh allright on the aqua winged skulls - if it’s an investment :laughing: I’ve told my son if he gets nothing else (coz I spent it). atleast he’ll get the BDS collection when I cark it :wink:

cool leave at 2 xl hoodies i’ll cut the sleeves one one to skate in an 1 for styling at the bar did you get any griffins? im loving my big wood

Missed out on the quad 11’s and 12’s, wont make that mistake again though. Gonna order a box of everything till either my wife leaves me or I go bankrupt, whichever comes first :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hey Braden is the Z13 going to be the same graphic. Im more into the board, its going to be a grip it and rip it. But the graphic does look true oldschool cool though.

Graphic will be the same, I’m desperate to ride it also. Foz has the flu and I hope they will be here soon.

Hey Braden can you get any BDS PC tail tap 2’s? Really want one.
Call me if you can. 0428436829.

Hey Taras yeh I will, there’s been a bit of interest.

Xmas Cheers to you Braden and all at CDS …great to have the site back up!

I’ll take any signed presale decks you got going, let me know what’s on offer if you have 'em …if you have it a red based occy please would be especially sweet.

Cheers again and best regards, Matthias.

First Bulldogs on the Central Coast.

Happy new year Matthias, if there’s a red one in the box it;s yours.

No sign of the BDS delivery man yet, but I have ordered a small amount of these. It’s a stretched out Z13, and I will have 3 to spare.

youve got 2 left i want 1

What else have you got coming ? Id love some of those white mini dubs im in for a set with rockets if they are in the booty box when it arrives

Looks so sweet … I’ll take one thanks Braden (I’d take them both, but don’t want to be greedy - spread around the BDS love).

Thanks again Braden.

Cheers and regards, Matthias.

Hope the Bro’s in Cali are safe from the floods and rain.


We’re all hangin by the teeth for Braden’s US mail :laughing:

Must be like Christmas at yours mate when the boxes arrive.

Post some pics as you open the boxes huh?

There will be free stuff in all your boxes to make up for the wait.
Here are the true colours on the pipe bomb (long pig)

more sweet work from wes. love the watery parts of his latest stuff, this and the quad 10 too. less skulls, i like less skulls.

why are we waiting … oh why are we waiting …

bro, spread some of the bds love

Braden I got a small shipment today so something must be here for you soon

Cheers, Matthias