BDS Quadplane 11" second gens have arrived!

Dean Mason gets the first 11", they are all natural. $115.00

The quadplane 12"s are at customs, I will pick em up tommorow. Dont know what colours they are yet.$125.00.
Special… both boards for $225.00.

total works of art.

Definitely interested in the Quad12… look forward to hearing what colours you got!

Missed going to customs fri…had to work!
Will go mon, keep you posted.

Braden, saw you a couple of weeks ago at ROF and spoke about getting a new setup - you recommended a Bulldog. Well I’m looking at this 11 Quadplane thinking could be my thing. I think a 12 would be too big. Count me in for one if any left. What do I need to do - having not ordered anything from your good self yet. MArkham.

Hey Michael…this would be a better idea than the bulldog…better concave…upturned nose…holds your front foot nicely!
I recommend indy 215’s and 95a alva wheels (fast yet grippy) or BDS minidubs if you want harder.
You can come over or I can bring stuff to the next MOSS sess
call me on 0438325324.

OK Braden - This deck is the go. Wheels however! - not sure. Currently riding Krypto Green 86A on the Ruml deathbox - sticky sticky and despite what people say not too slow - though you do have to work hard. I’m thinking with my style of riding maybe the big BDS dub cons - a little harder than the Kryptos but not so hard that I have terrifying slide outs as I had on my popsicle a few years back with hard element wheels could be right. Will think some more - might try Sean’s wheels tomorrow and will ring to talk over a good final set up. Regards Markham.

Braden & Michael,

Braden that set of orange mini dubs I got a month or two back haven’t really done the job for me - if you reckon they might work on Michael’s new set up…they may as well go to a good home 'cause I can’t see myself putting them to good use any time soon. They are only one or two sessions (on steel half pipe) old. No cost to the new owner but they will have to arrange to get 'em.


Braden + Mick S. I tried Shauns harder wheels - 95, no no not for me at least yet. orange minidubs - what diam and what hardness? I’m thinking that the bigger dub cons or even the kubo style wheels are my thing still and either green 87 to be like the kryptos I ride or perhaps a slightly harder 90 or 92 at the very most. Got anything approx like that Braden. Indy trucks to match such wheel setup to quadplane.


The mini dubs are probably not what you are after. I will stand corrected but I think the orange ones have a diameter of 62mm and a duro of 97. You can give ‘em a rip if you want but I found them to be too hard for my ageing knees.

Don’t ever let it be said we’re not trying.

I have had both the 95a dubs and mini dubs as well as the 97a minidubs and orange 92a dragons(ne Shogo)

its only my opinion… but the Sonic red (or Blue)urathane 80a would be the go for you Micheal. i have Dub cons and dragons in this and it is awesome on anything from my rough rd to a smooth bowl

Ill bring my z-13 which is the same width as the quad 11 Im running indy 169 and dub cons on this for a flush set up.

With the deeper concave on the quad 11 you will have no wheel rub with 3/8th risers using the 65mm dia dub cons.

I also have these in Mellow yellow 75a on my bulldog I’ll bring it as well.

Thanks Fletch for all the tips. I really appreciate the offer to check out your quiver and sus the right kinda sticky stuff for me. Wheels are such a tricky thing these days. Much easier Living in the 70s when every surface was so shithouse you wanted them wheels soft. I still find riding a fully contemporary board strangley akin to a white wheeled surfa sam but I’ll accept sometimes to go forward you have to go back.

Braden - the black mini-dubs you sold me (90A?) - I want more please. These wheels are perfect - EXACTLY. Availabilty?

I like em too mick…will include some with BDS wheel order.

BD dub cons for me please and the new transparent mini’s???

Hey Mick s can you bring the minis tonight?