BDS skatebags

BDS skatebags


I have one and its excellent fits the Griffin and bulldog no probs and room for pads

I want one!
can anyone post a link for purchase and perhaps a price in aussie dollars

(bit tempted to try to make one but sewing takes such time even with a machine)

Me too - Braden?

I’m on it guys…they rock!

put me down for one to Braden, sounds like name tags are going to be needed everyone wants one :smiley:

just realised I wasnt signed in when I posted .

Please put me down for a Bag Braden

baaahh, baahhhhh i may as well follow!

Me too. If its not too late. Should have said that above.

Ordering bags today, anyone else?

One bag for me Braden CHEERS

cancel the bag for me went to the BDS website. bags are on a 1 month waitting list plus 6 weeks for shipping.

might be easier to make one or to mug Scott for his bag

i’ll grab mosu’s bag if you have already ordered it braden. don’t mind the wait.

Waiting list is the same for me, Buddy Carrs bags are also sold out.
Alva bags are available, check em on

I have one there HOT

Mines a Buddy Carr. Same bag. I still want the BDS bag too though. Anything BDS is worth the wait. Can store around ten decks. Or two completes.

2 skates and pads helmet has to clip on handles great way to sto them away in the back of the wagon

Hey Braden can I reserve a camo one if we get those ones.

I have already ordered em …waitin on Rich.
Also want 80a wheels and the Humpston book, jokers and quads.