BDS Z13-2 "the chief" on it's way.

Board Overview
This deck was designed and built in response to many of our customers needs rolled into one.

This was an entirely new mold-set never before used on any Bulldog. It has a big, wide-open, mellow concave similar to some of the first concave boards from the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Same basic shape as the Ray Flores model from a couple years back with a shorter wheel base so it should skate a little light than the Flores.

A wicked-cool 8-9 color graphic has been done utilizing more spot colors and less 4 color process, should prove to be even better when printed.

“The Z-13 is a Mellow Old School Concave 11x 33.3 pretty much what Ray (Flores) was using for His Model but the tail is drilled the way I would do it. Ray’s was shorter makeing the board feel longer that was something He liked but you don’t need to put the Ray stuff in.”


Whoops already posted this!

All the colours are coming this time!