bearing removal

might sound like a stupid question, but ive got a brand new set of cortech photon 56’s that i put a new set of rons bearings in ages ago but ive decided that 56 is too small. Does anyone have any “tricks” or recomendations on getting the bearings out without rooting either them or the wheels? i seem to remember them being a tight fit when installing them.

Aside from pulling them out with some proper equipment (whats that).
I just ease em out patiently with a screwdriver through the centre rocking it back and forth, not much and very - GENTLY. But don’t get forceful and take your time. Have not damaged a bearing yet and have done it lots of times. I use the axle and the nut and tighten it down to get them back in and seated in the wheel.
If they are really really tight then put the wheels next to a heater for a while - this helps a bit I’ve found.
Some smartalec mechanical minded retentive out there is going to say thats terrible to do no doubt and give you some proper advice.

The Real Proper way to do it is with a bearing press/remover thingie. I know a skateshop near me has one (and I would’nt buy anything from them by the way!) and if you have one nearby then you could have them remove the bearings quickly and without damage.

I’ve only ever used the totally improper end of axle method to remove bearings from skate wheels…but done gently its always worked for me.

coretechs have an inner core so make sure you dont damage the inner core with your axle when removing the bearings.

I did this mistake a while ago and couldnt work out why I would always trash 1 bearing (went thru 3 sets) then I discovered the deformed inner core forced the bearing off center by a degree or 2. So new wheels and new bearings and no problems

ummm… I permanently lost my bearings years ago … huh … what? might have been all the kneeslides on a rubber ramp … hello? Is there anybody in here?..

some one has to pay the Bill! :unamused:

You want one of these:

I have a no-name version I got off aus ebay but I haven’t seen one on there for some time.

Markham’s call always works for me but I don’t tighten nut to push bearings in. I push each bearing against end of hanger ie. turn wheel over for each bearing pushed in place.

Those bearing tools are cool. But you wont fit a BDS Dubcon in them.

i came across this challenge today , found using axel works eventually .

step 1: undo axle nuts and throw in bin.
step 2: remove wheels and shoes whilst whistling Wagner.
step 3: fix deck and trucks to fishing line hanging from ceiling.
step 4: order new complete from me.

Boey don’t stuff it up man, I converted my mustang from auto to manual and I still managed to crush a bearing shield read my post ’ nuts to lock nuts’ :blush:

auto to manual ?

yeah thanks for the concern mark , everything seems to be in order .

Yea xy pedel box bolts straight in ,the brake master cylinder was still on the US side and I blew the C4 auto up predending I was Steve Mcqueen and I took out some otto bins at the same time also scratched the back quarter. But back to rons I used to do what Markham does but was not as careful as him and crushed a bearing sheld,it locked and undone the lock nutt. Tony G rebuilt all my runnning gear he users and old truck with a washer to lock the bearing in without damage to the sheld the truck is bolted to his work bench very professional set up but we are looking for a bearing press. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: