beers bowls barneys

hey guys picked the above dvd up in the half priced bin for 18 bucks!! at sds never heard of it before but 50 mins of pure backyard bliss worth seeing. took the daughter to see madagasgar walking thru she said look daddy skaters turned round to see first of the lodt posters up. start being nice to cinema staff

Have you seen Chlorine, John? if not try and get it and tell me which you thought was better Beers Bowls and Barnies or Chlorine. There both rad dvd’s

Or fruit of the vine…that and chlorine are just insane…Salba is still so FAST!!!

yeah got both dvd,s think i liked chlorine better as it was a doco plus it had alva hackett and olsen in it burned a copy for my mate in england took 4weeks to get there stamp said it had been opened at heathrow customs for 3weeks old school custom staff! havent seen fruit of the vine where do you guys skate weekends thinking of coming down for the social skate

Dullwich Hill, Bondi, Riverwood and Maroubra before it got trashed.
Post before you go and hook up with the MAS*H crew or check out haunts

hry guys, ive got most new and old skating dvds for $10 a pop.(shameless plug) just message me for and requests.

Hey Chris, when are you coming to a MOSS session?

hey fletch, probably tomorrow, man you guys rip and im not real flash so im a little embaressed. but hopefully tomorrow night.

Would love a copy of B,B and B, what if, Tony hawk secret…, and animal chin,
I know it’s short notice but I’ll be there tomorrow, come and introduce yourself.


hey chris…have u got the skull skates DVD Resist control?

hey mosu how come the bra is trashed is the bowl still skateable

Bra bowl got trashed cause council left heaps of wood near by from removing old wooden fence and replacing it with steel.
Random dickheads found wood dragged it to bowl chucked in an otto bin lit it up and voila thermal damage to my favourite bowl.

This is the third time it has happened and its getting worse each time. we have the classic profile of a juvenile pyromaniac with a preference for timing his ( they are usually male) episodes around the full moon

to add insult to injury some graffiti artists have tagged the bowl with “Vibe” and “Funk” and big patchs of silver. all the paint is ultra slippery. and the soot left from the fire is just as bad.

Went for 3 carve runs in the bowl. survived the first two slid out of the 3rd and I was ridding my 95a soft wheels.

Its a sad day for Sydney Skaters with the Bra Bowl burnt. Council have been notified so give it a while and it should get repaired

man thats shit, f*&ken losers.

hey eli, i’ll see what i can do, spose to be going to a backyard halfpipe sesh in reservoir but should be able to come along after.
hey doglog nah i havnt got that one sorry man.

thanks mosu have just seen the photos of the damage little arseholes