Belco 2006

Guys, here are a few photos I took at Belco 2006 - Enjoy,

Danny Van & Jake

Dave Pang

Jake Brown

Justin Cox

Renton Miller

Unknown (Sorry)

Renton Miller

Jackson Pilz

Jackson Pilz


Rad pic’s Bill

cool pics who da little rad chick? bill
john the pom

the little rad chick is not a chick!

  • jackson pilz, amazing skater.

ahhh spoke to old skool ritchie at slam was playing video of belco told me the same thing .a thousand apoligies jackson :blush: :blush:

Thanks for the pics today Bill. Seeing these pics made me say to myself “Why did I listen to the little voice that said I would end up in hospital if I skate at Belco on Saturday morning just before I was going to catch the train to the CBR?” Why? Becaue that little voice has been right in the past.

I think I need a bit more time on my board before I’m ready to wrestle that demon (Belco) to the ground.

Geez… You gotta be happy with a nice shot of a lapover like that one Pangy.

Seriously Bill, the shots you have been posting lately are killer. Nice work 8)


Great pics!

Yeah Mick … damn stoked on the grind pic!

Keep the pics coming!


I wish you had said Hi and done the Intro thing!

I was just so damn busy on the weekend,
Park tour,
Setting up some Real Estate at Belco,
Doing the family thing,
Trying to take a pic or two,
and wishing to have a skate
… too much radness not enought time …

No problems Dave, I’m sure there will be other opportunities to meet up 8) . However, I did notice that you were running around like crazy organising things. Well done on the event. Happy to be there.

I’ve got a few more pics that I’ll post up later on when I have more time.

Cheers for now.