belfield park?

i was talking to tony today at dullo and he mentioned a small open ended bowl at belfield - anybody skated this or know where it is?

that was me, forgot to sign in.

is this park a “u” shape bowl? It has a bank with down rail adjacent to the Bowl ,the flat area has a ledge, manual pad and rail. opposing the bowl (perhaps 15 meters away) is 2 banks with a transition in the middle
the transition (or is it steep bank) has a vert extension

I think its in Rudd Park, near Clarence street. (but im not certain, its been a few years since I last went there, park has a cricket pitch in it, a toilet block and big trees)

Maybe Tony can confirm where it is on Wednesday night

sounds like it, have you skated it? is it worth a trip for some mucking around? tony was saying it is good to learn stuff on.

If its the place Im thinking of its definitely worth a visit. Only problem is Im not certain if thats the right park. Should be able to confirm it tomorrow the maps at work actual have skateparks listed as a map symbol (a great feature which frequently sees me add a hour extra to some jobs)

i’m going for a skate tomorrow so i might check it out, if it’s not it i can drop in on riverwood instead.

You blokes have definitely got the right park.
Richard I would do a quick skate at Belfield and then get my arse down to Riverwood.Ring me at work on 95345188 and I’ll try to meet you there.

ok clay, i could be there anytime between late morning - mid arvo, i’ll give you a call.

Damm I got the park wrong. actual address is Cooke Park off Madeline St

If your looking for pics, its listed as ‘Strathfield South’ on the park indicator. Looks quite cool!

yeah already sussed that out when I called ClayJ.

Rivo tomorrow

Wanna light up this park instead of Rivo?

sounds like fun to me. Its a little different to the usual MAS*H site.

I’d say we’ll be too late to change now. Let’s stick with riverwood and plan this sth strathfield park for next week?

didn’t skate it today, too hot and the m5 was closed! had a look on skate… and it looks fun - perfect place to learn some tricks.

Only good thing there is the u shaped bowl. Its kinda like the shallow at Maroobra but half as high. Could get booring real quick. But, its the sort of thing I should be skating to learn coping tricks on. I went there a few times when I first droped in. There were lots of gheto lebs smokin some sort of big bong tobako thing throwing water ballons at skaters whist taking turns screwing some slut. They were there every time I went.