Best old school books?

Hi folks,

I’ve just been given an gift voucher and figured I’d pick up a couple of books. Any recommendations on the best stuff? I’ve thought of the Independent “Built To Grind” book, “Disposable” - the skateboard art one, “DogTown - The Legend of the Z-Boys” by Glen E. Friedman, and maybe “Concrete Wave: History of Skateboarding”, although I’ve read mixed reviews of it.

Any suggestions?

mate i got given built to grind and its awesome, the sequence of Jay Smith’s lay back on about page 78 I think is worth it for that alone, one of my favourite sequences of all time!!! Wish i could contort like that!!!Great coverage of all eras Great photos plus heaps of interesting prototypes of trucks and a good look at how trucks developed. Could do with a bigger chapter on Hosoi tho i reckon!!!

I’d advise anyone to invest in the Glen.E.Friedman books Fuck You Heros and Fuck You Too.These books have everything Dog Bowl, Upland,turning point,Marina Del Rey and all the legends that destroyed them.If you like early U.S punk and Hardcore you will see em all in here.
p.s published through Burning Flag Press

I would recommend:

Dogtown, Legend of the Z boys,
Built to Grind,

both awesome books,

Disposable is good but I am sure Braden can get it for a good price for you anyway!

Happy reading… hopefully in a few years there will be an Australian book to add to the list!

Fuck you heroes has some great pics if thats what your after.

Another one is Dysfunctional, but it is out of print and very hard to find, however it has some great arty skate shots

Best paperback is Jocko Weyland’s “The answer is never”.
You might remember skating that perfect spillway, your powerflex 5’s kickin up a trail of dust on a hot summer day in 1978.
This book actually takes you back there!

Built To Grind is definately worth it. Also Scarred for Life - stories from all eras and all around including Jay Adams, Hosoi, downhill stuff etc…

I cant help but keep looking through old Skateboarder mags, anything 80s and before. I still get a buzz out of them.