Bill F and MM props!!!

CW Buyers guide just arrived at my door. None other than our own Bill F’s shot of MM at MONSTER on page 9!


congrads all round

Yep, just got mine too. Awsome.

What, what, what? How’d you get that? Where can I get one? What 5 dollars? Who’s mum’s a whore?

Somebody show me, pleeeeeeease!

Oh yeah! Thanks Bill! Love your work lad. BTW, My mum wants some copies of the pics I got off you. I’ll talk to you about it next time I see ya.

I am so proud of you mick! You finally made the buyer’s guide. So how much are you up for sale? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: get it :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: .
P.S good work bill. 8)

2 dolla sucky suck. Take you down side alley. Give you fan after.

Yeh you could buy some Khiro’s and some MM’s. Mick will be on ebay in no time.

Im getting Mick to sign my flat pig right next to where that Tony somebody did. :laughing:

Thanks guys that’s awesome :smiley: . Mick - well done mate. Now I need to get my hands on a copy, I don’t even know which pic they selected.

Oh, I can’t make tonight either, sorry guys. Can someone next week bring that issue along.

Bill F

It’s a nice big backside air shot I assume on the Fin jam day/night because Mick is wearing a red hawaiian shirt…

If I make it to Riv tonight I will bring.

i will scan the page and post tonight.

Geez… You’d think that Scott had a job at a bigwig effects company that kept him busy or something. Did you fall asleep while rendering again?

Carefull Mick I might have to scan it via photoshop.
That huge fro and all that bling must be makin big airs tricky.

Ok, I totally forgot.

Typical bloody tease.

Do it Skoot!

WOW! Fuck yeah Bill! That rules! Thanks heaps mate! I can’t wait to hold the pages in my hand. I got Ti to order some copies yesterday.

By the way lads. Art, Skateboarding, and Life…the book! arrived at Monster today. Each copy is individual. They are all painted and signed by Andy Howell (I beleive). I don’t have a price for em yet. Should know soon, or you can call Monster and ask to have 1 of the 3 or less copies remaining.

Bottom right pic, check out Mathusela Bombing da hill!!! way to go Mathusela.

Thanks Mick, Yeah I need to land myself a copy as well. Hopefully its in the post according to CW. If you want some prints of ‘The Pic’ I’ll get some printed.

Cheers mate,
Bill F

News from Concrete Wave, for people how are finding it hard to locate:

Could you let everyone know another 1000 copies of the mag are on their way to OZ. We have another 400 shops that will be carrying it.
so, CW will be much easier to find.

Concrete Wave