Billy & Leahs backyard..what's in yours???

All we’re missing is a vert ramp…lets go to Phillip Island :smiley:

Hooly dooly! You guys shouldn’t have much of a prob keeping the boys off the playstation.


Ill bet theres plenty of front side airs onto the trampoline :laughing:

bloody beauty!

Holy rickety race course Batman! That Rules!

I wanna see a ramp to tramp to ramp transfer.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Here you go then…a frontside & a stalefish

Nice one Billy and Leah.
Now get an excauvator.
And some concrete.
And some tiles
And some coping.

Wow, that’s awesome!
I would’ve killed to have a backyard like that as a kid.

Bugger when I was a kid - I want one NOW! :smiley:

These days I’d just kill for a backyard!

Boing! Is that one pink and one green rail I see? Nice!

Do the neighbours complain? Or send their kids over?

No way do the neighbours complain…they sit there with their tinnies watching the action!!! :smiley:

As far as the kids in the hood…we certainly do have the odd knock on the door if they’ve seen inside the back gates!!! Access has to be limited however because we do like our stuff to remain on the property and not sold in some back street trading post. haha :smiley:

haha… Yeah, it is difficult trying to keep backyard ramps a private affiar. I remember the first time I went to Andrew Hulley’s backyard vert ramp in 85, he said “Who the fuck are you and who invited you?”. We’ve been great friends ever since then. I spent most of year 10 at Andrews house skating and ummm… luaghing.

So cool that your neighbours are sweet with it. Hulley’s lasted less than a year I think, thanks to narchy neighbours.

That reminds me. Ground Hangars (AKA Greg, or BTS Greg) is famous for having Hulley’s ramp rebuilt on his farm out in Quakers Hill sometime around 86-87.

Mmm… Nobody like to lose things and find them in the window at Cash Converters.

Now Billy and I posed the question “What’s in your backyard?”…surely we’re not the only people with a ramp…Trev Ward :smiley:

quick Mick T nows your chance!

All I got is 3 Hills Hoists

do i see an insane wedding video clip on charlie at some point - so long as the love, the beauty of the moment, the bridesmaids!!! (pleeeeease dont have reginald moss as the best man - unless he changes those shorts and no skyhooks either)are captured in full flight? let your imagination go wild - doesnt the ply get soggy? i had a tin ramp way back in the early 80s - tetinus and bruises and the odd wack from your mum for letting your mates and other people drinkin all the orange juice in the fridge! - goodness me :open_mouth: :open_mouth: by the way is the ring going corporate? - bring back the hat factory, the big sponges for dryin out the vert and that really freakin small tiny bowl that only accepted Yogie decks - peter culivas! are you still alive??? (that shop in glenferrie rd always smelt funny - or maybe it was just yodgee - urine and old blokes, cant separate them) - in eltham and jumpin gof the train before montmorency and getting caught by the train dude while your friend insulted him through the fence - LIKE - he was gonna let you go after a tirade of abuse without a fine! - late - too many reds and work tomorrow! should be a cool wedding - congrats - mark! :smiley:

Thanks Mark…you’ll be doing the wedding video wont you??? :smiley:

Just one problem…Im having trouble finding a wedding dress that I can skate in :smiley: , we want to say I do and then drop in, it’s definately going to be an out there wedding!!!

I did suffer several nasty inch long splinters once after jumping off the platform bare foot…it took Billy 3 hours to dig them out of my feet and me a whole bottle of wine to cope with the pain…Billy re-plyed the ramp the next day and I always wear shoes in the backyard now :angry: