Biltin Bearings?

Anyone else read the Ad on the back page of Concrete Wave -Fall 2005 edition?

‘Biltin Bearings’, with design features made for skateboard wheels.

I think the ideas seem pretty sounds and if I means I don’t have to keep tabs on the tiny washers and spacers…seems like a good idea to me.

I wonder what Rockin’ Rons thoughts are?

are the biltin bearings the ones with spacers built into the bearing? If so I would wonder if the torsional forces from the built in spacer would create uneven wear in the bearings.

post what you find with them.

Im sticking with Rockin Ron ceramics unless everyone else says different

I have read about them on the BDS forum - opinions seem to be basically that they are a good idea poorly executed. In short, they dont seem to put them together as well as some other companies.

Concensus was that Rons are favoured, with occasional splitters who went for swiss bearings or somesuch. I agree they look to be a good idea, but I’m happy with the Rockets, and aint changing any time soon!

The biggest problem since day one with bearings was that there is a difference in axle thickness to what the dia of bearing where it goes over such axle.Thus creating a not so perfect fit.( mainly because the first precision bearing came from a Hoover vacum cleaner, and bearing specs have been the same ever since. Imagine a set of R/Rons in your hoover!)
Thats where Biltin have come in and tried to rectify an age old problem.

I dont know why bearing companies dont make a bearing with the right fit, how hard would it be.(without all the gimmicks of Biltin) Surely skaters deserve a better deal when it comes to research and development, we buy enough bearings as a collective world wide.
It would have to be cheaper than making trucks with a thicker axle!
Any way, thats my thoughts on the subject!!

B.B, glad you your happy with R/Rons.
Guess I’m one of the splitters that went for the Swiss ceramics, but I gotta say they are a damn fine bearing and I am happy with them.(nothing against Ron’s product, sure they are a damn fine bearing too)

I like cheap bearings, they make a good scratchy noise…

Hi guys,
Bought some Biltins some time back (only abec 5) to give them a go. Love the idea as theres a lot less mucking around and you can tighten the locknut right down.
Mainly use them on my sliding board setup. The bearings sit really snug for the amount of pressure inflicted on them when sliding. Only floor is: 1.Now where near as fast and smooth as Rocket’s
2. The outer shield is extremely flimsey and fragile.(Have knocked them a couple of times and had the shield push against the bearing cage!!!)