Black label emergency OG flag Hosoi

Gotta be quick with the emergency decks, they go quick and dont reappear.

Im in preferable 8 inch width

Hi Braden, if its the 9 in wide, 14.75 wheelbase, please count me in. How much will I owe and can I use paypal?

Its all part of my plan to become Danny Van (imagine the joy of having a butt that TOIT!)

thanks, Bill

If it’s an 8.25, 14.5WB - count me in. How much?

It is an 8.25. WB?

BLBL website is down…

Sorry guys forgot to put in dimensions…
It only comes in one size 8.25" x 32.125" $110.00 shipped .

Braden is it the round tail like in the pic or does it have a square tail?

Round tail like the pic Chris.

I want one. I will transfer $110 to your account if you have one in stock to sell to me.


aka Mark

happy b’day mosu!

Will confirm tommorow mosu.

thanks Steve, See ya Saturday at Maroubra for a few beers. cannot skate this wednesday as my Hip is stuffed

I have one with your name on it Mosu.