you still here?

Damm now I want Hosoi Wings

You see them blood spots wheels mosu… damn!
you no wanne the OG flag no more???

every now and then I do, but I usually prefer to be somewhere between the 2 influences. I definitely prefer a “newskool” deck for bowl work and usually like large wheels 61 mm or so with thin width.

If Im on the Street a wider board is fine as are widder wheels but they need to be 80a durometer (softer).

If I have to be drawn to comment on oldskool verses the new skool all I can say is “Viva La Difference”

Blood Spot wheels look sweet as

I must say I like to old website format for Black Label compared to this new one!

I agree with Pangy, what have they done, simplied the site too much.
The old one was way better set out, with the red cross riders , etc. :smiling_imp:

Looking at the BL site today it looks like Emergency may be getting its own section on ther site (like the older version)!

With the site down for so long it seems strange that they didn’t keep the old Emergency/Red Kross section up and running.

I’m keen to see how much info and product they have for the Old Crew and whos still riding for them!