Black Label website update

Hi all,

Browsing around the web today, and I noticed that Black Label has updated its website. … orget.html

Great upate and new Decks, wheels etc… unreal!

New Peter’s and Lucero’s are HOT!

Things are looking good for big board riders for the Summer of 2005!

daune peters rock bottom for me i think dave 8) :imp: :smiling_imp:

i want to get hold of a Ray “bones” Rodriguez Black Label deck. Does anyone have any website ideas? i havn’t been able to locate one.

Hey Chris,
Darkside skateshop in Surfer’s Paradise had 1 a month ago when up there on vacation. Cool shop, cool guys. No online deal, but phone order COD. This is the best skateshop I know. Sentimental fave ,the olde Ray Bones Brite Lite was the first stateside complete I ever bought (late '79 or '80). Adrian Jones behind the counter at Skateboard World Burwood did the deal when I was a wee 15 yo. Twas my B,day. mmmmm… :slight_smile:


Coz Av is right on the money. I bought a red Ray ‘Bones’ Rodriguez, with Indy 149’s underneath, from Darkside earlier in the year. They had the green coloured one on display when I was up there a month or two back. If you haven’t shopped there before you are missing out - their stock is outstanding and the guys that run it are true skaters.


Darkside were the first shop in OZ and the only shop in QLD to stock my BDS gear when I first started distributing…great collection of boards and great guys.

Sounds like a few of you already know about Darkside in Surfers. Always make a point of dropping in there when I’m in Surfers, they always have a good collection of old school stuff, Usually leave with the wallet a little lighter!! A good bunch of blokes as well.
For anyone that needs it,
Their phone number is 0755 701 526

Thanks everyone!! fkn wicked!

Just called. no luck, all gone. S$#T!!!