blacktown pool service???

How’d it get to be the BT pool service that claims credit for the pool on today’s cover. Outrageous affrontery! Dale and I bailed it out before the BTS and Parramatta blow-ins even arrived (at my invitation). Photographic evidence exists. Its the Manly/Balmain Boyz pool service, thank you very much …

Very nice pool Bill. Wish I live in Sydney.

It is tight - but don’t we like it that way? Nick van Hoven just totally destroyed the place. Debates ensued concerning the reasons why Nick got explosions coping shrapnel when he grinded, while Errol produced a burst of fine powder. I believe Errol’s grinds reflect his Northshore aristocratic upbringing. They are Wimbledon grinds! Oh … I am at this funny place called ‘work’ after taking a year’s leave. Must stop having fun now …

evidence: this is not a blacktown boy (though it may be a love song):

balmain boyZ …LOL LOL LOL

Fox, you’re an old man now and ya just gotta stop hanging around skatesites randomly offering people boiled LOLs (especially if you’ve got ‘PED’ written on ya board!)

Strictly speaking though, it probably should have ben Balmain BoyP!

I see the ‘sour grapes cover shot kid’ is at it again : It is actually editorial licence and refers to the fact that greg supplied the shot, and a group of guys standing in the bottom of an empty pool looks like a pool service company’s crew of workers; nothing to do with who bailed it out and who wanted to claim it as thier own find. Boy you like to give poor Braden a hard time ! Nice shot of you doing some manuel labour for once though …lol

No explanations will be accepted. I am very very very SERIOUS in my OUTRAGE at this INFRINGEMENT. Greg Ambler will face instant death when I get him in front of a karaoke machine and perform the complete hits of Sherbet as interpreted by Whitney Huston. As for Braden, I have no intention
of taking on a man backed up by a large group of very small people in such very very TOIT rubber suits! However, please note that I will be conducting free Irony Chef classes in the capture, slaughter, and preparation of FOX meat in the MASHpit this Saturday.

Ah, the old “I was being ironic” argument… ( from Greek originally meaning; simulated ignorance ) …lol

nice job boys was it a bust or legit looks like fun

Hey Marty. A ripable small pool I consider lucky to have been invited to skate, da pool is a semi non-bust! It’s in a block of units being renovated, the pool too. Not exactly sure whether it’s cool with owner/developer of the units! So the sessions are small and sort of quiet to date. I’ve probably said too much already. :smiley:

Your being stoopid there Dr.
Wimbledon grinds? Pah! Faciitis grinds more like it old man. Sore heel could only manage grinding up bursts of powder on the day. Never been to Wimbledon, that’s the other Jones over there with the continental accent.

Hows Newc? San Remo?

Lucky bastards!! looks like fun

BTS welcomes any new late comers/ Manly/Balmain Boyz or any other for that matter, needed to lead a team of hard working charwomen under BTS law, to come launder my garage. All privileged applicants will be abused under strict BTS empowerment.

Suit semi retired purist thats handy with a bucket and a sponge.

Errol, I know you’ve got the fascist heel, but that didn’t stop them clouds of tile powder being blasted into the atmosphere (where as mine did, cause I am a borf!). Tally ho, its another fine ace off the line from Mr Jones!!!

GodHead, I am ready to cop buckets from the BTS crew anytime. However, Peter Costello insists that skaters who want to follow BTS law should renounce their Australain citizenship and return to the foreign land of Blacktown.

Finally, the truth: this lovely wonderful gnarly heavily vert pool was discovered and initially bailed neither by Parramata, nor BTS, nor Balmain boys/boyz/middle aged hacks, but by a person whose brother regularly frequents this site from another city. Onya mate!

Bill.S : :smiley: