Board Bags or Carriers

What is everyone using as board bags or carriers?
BDS has one - any good - Or is it a sports bag with a logo?
Maybe a snowboard carrier?

There should be purpose built bag for the car boot or to carry to skate spot with pockets/compartments for everything. Place to secure a few boards, pocket for tools, place for pads and helmet, and a fold away broom (snooker cue style) in the base or side!

I got a bds bag its fine, cost $110 from US of A. perfect for board, pads, tools etc. Not sure about the fold up broom

I’ve got an AWA bag :wink:

I cant get the BDS bags…not a dist item.
I will check to see if I can get alva bags…best bet is a disposals store!

Maybe a BDS bag and get them to wrap it in a new board!
Braden, are you getting in any of the Chief Z13’s or the 36in long pig’s ?

The Alva bags are the best. They will take two completes plus all your pads and helmet. They come in 3 sizes up to 38".
Sadly, I don’t own one.
Next best? I bought myself a Burton snowboard travel cover from ESS boardstore for $55 to get my stuff to MOSS. My boards are big so it suits me well. I just fold over and strap the excess length and all my safety gear fills the space provided inside for the bindings. External zip pocket for skate tools and other small items.

Skate exc , Clay and myself all have one the only probleam is if you over load them they breek in the zipper, Alva himself pointed that out to me at bowlirama and shore enough mine has started to breek. Remember the old long addidas bags we all had at school the base zipper would breek :unamused:

Fold up broom comment was an attempt at humour - gotta start using those emoticon things.
Old guy turns up at skate park and a grommit always asks if you have a broom. Now if I could pull one out of my bag and put it together - Paul Newman “Color of Money” style - I might get some respect [insert favourite Rodney Dangerfield quote here]

Thanks Braden for the disposal store tip - found a store on George Street down at chinatown Sydney that had a whole range of bags. Sizes start from 30 inch long to 44 inches. I went for the 34 inch. Easily fits two boards and pads. Heavy duty canvas and Australian made!

How much for that bag? I might have to get me one of them.

Very nice bag indeed…do they come in cds camo?

nice bag jamesh3.
I’ve got my Dads ex Army duffle bag, that I can get a few boards in.

And this aswell

Bag was $90

Where did you guys get your AWA (!) bags from? Looks like I may actually be in a position to acquire one, I just need to know where to get one from.

zip broke on me BDS bag :frowning: , disposal store time.

Take it to a boot maker or repairer of camping gear - they ought to be able to fix or replace a big zipper like that.

yeh your right…cheers.