Bondi 271205

This really should be called the “OH My God he has finally hit tiles thread” but as mustang is bigger than I am I thought Id hold back on any cheeky remarks.

The star of the moment about to hit tiles at Bondi Shallows

Even more impressive a grind from Mustang in the Bondi Park after dropping in from the C bowl

(sorry about the dodgy framing)

Fluoro Jamie going of on the slab thing at Mach 5

Fluoro again 5-0 grind, a little over expose

warning controversy imminent

anyone who skates Bondi or Maroubra will have seen this guy. People call him snake as he rides a snake board, this is usually followed by comments like, “anyone could do that with straps on there board”

Personnally I admire the fact that he rips hard and doesnt give a toss about what anyone else thinks

Ollie decker on a snake board

Amiee decker

Unknown grommie going off, air in the Shallows
(with artistic photographic flairs, Scott taught me about them and I fluked one)

Last but not least Mal and his new Doug Saladino Pine Design deck

Nice to see the Dog board showing some respect Mark.
And nice to see you getting in amongst it Mosu, that shot of Mal is class. I was out Bondi yesterday and heard the story of Nicks heroic efforts that lead to a fractured wrist. (pictured)

Is it possible to do an ‘ollie’ anything while using straps??? Congrats to Mark on fulfilling my prediction from 3 days ago.

Dr Stoopid

perhaps I should have titled the photo “bunny hop decker” Im not really up on snake board nomenclature

Mosu, I didn’t mean to diss either your photos (which are rad) or your captioning skills. I really hope I can get you to shoot me again at Bondi before I split Sydney … I also respect the Snake guy in Bondi bowl - he does what he does with commitment and flow. But the ‘debate’ over straps goes right back to the mid-70s when we used seatbelts on our 24 inch fibreglass boards with chicago or suregrip trucks to do ‘aerial 360s’ over stacked boards and stuff. Later versions included hand-held bike tubes and the notorious ‘ollie horns’ (and let’s not forget Groundhanger’s ingenious use of nails and shoes at Ryde). And there are just about all the other so-called ‘extreme sports’ including rollerblading, wake-boarding, kiteboarding, even snowboarding, etc, where they emulate skateboard ‘grabs’ while they have their feet attached to the thing they are riding.

The way I see it, the whole magic of the ollie lies in the way it seems to defy physics, ie, the board is lifted into the air without any visible means of assitance (like one of those old bra ads!). So, I reckon you can’t ollie on anything with your feet attached. You can’t really do ‘grabs’ either! You can only do an imitation of a grab that has no real function. (I’d also argue that you can’t really ‘grind’ rollerblades either). It is interesting to me that skateboarding started off imitating surfing, but very quickly evolved in completely unpredictable directions, while so many ‘extreme sports’ have just remained imitations of skating.

How much does all this matter? :open_mouth: Not much at all. :unamused:


all valid points and no offense taken.

The Ollie may seem to defy Physics, but it is only possible because it obeys physics. The rear foot action of slaming the tail essentially makes the board act as a spring under compression. The front foot action of dragging the foot forward and up releases the compression, popping the board.

Ollie Horns were great I use to get two foot “bunny hops” with them.

specially like the last point. not much matters as long as your enjoying your self.