Bondi Bondi Bondi Oi Oi Oi

Andy Mac. Hallam. John Warren are in town sessioning Bondi. Kiwi Andy, Bill and I rolled with them this morning. By sheer chance, John Bogaerts dropped in on a day trip! Great session guys (finally got he tiles in the tight corner :slight_smile: ).

more than Skate Exec, this afternoon the place was invaded by about 15 top US pros who had just flown up from the Globe comp. They are staying locally and should be skating tomorrow (if the rain holds off …)


Nice one on the corner skatexec. :smiley:

The US pros have been ripping up Bondi all weekend and say they’ll be back again this arvo. Then they’re going bowl touring with Lux. Great session to watch yesterday evening with Luxford, Jamie, Evo and others reprazenting local talent. Should be on again today - the Bowlarama without wrist tags or the unbearable burdens of a ‘prestige’ event! Free softcore performances by the poolside from other local talents also feature.


Dang - sounds like I left waaay too early on saturday…aaah the pressures of a family.

Couldn’t get a leave pass for Sunday… Report - anybody?

It is the Anti-Hero Team. I’m not good with skatenames post 1980, but I think there was a Perkins who featured in Chlorine and I really dig the lightly more old skool stylings of ‘Big A’. About 10 guys altogether. These dudes never wear safety gear (but don’t do big airs in the deep) and do things like Smith Grinds and rocknslides around the corner, stalefishes four foot out going from the deep to the shallow, ollies into the deepend, etc. They also do lines that I’ve never seen before and they’re pretty cool dudes too.


typo correction: ‘slightly more oldskool stylings of big Al’

I saw Darren Navarette and Peter Hewitt. Hewitt ate shit f/side carving the shallow twice. Luxford ruled the pool at 5pm when I was there. The guy wuth the long black hair that looked like Richard Clapton was not too shabby either. Sorry i missed you Bill. Caught up with Mustang and Danny V though. There are many more lines going down and much looser trucks being ridden now than when i was last there in November.