Bondi bowl-a-rama press release

Bowl-a-rama would like to invite all skaters of a certain age (30 and older) to come and skate in a special 30 minute jam on Saturday 25/02/06 (this Saturday) at the Bondi Beach Skatepark as part of the Bowl-a-rama skate comp.

We can’t confirm a time yet because we plan on having you guys ride after the heats and before the finals of the pro comp. So this means between 2pm and 4:30pm.

We apologise if this is a little inconvenient and a little late. We have been getting the info out to everyone as soon as we can confirm it. Which has been difficult with seeking approval from various Council bodies, Public committees and the Police.

Anyway Tony Alva will be judging it and the winner will recieve $200 that they can claim as cash or put on the bar as a bar tab at the after party at the Beach Road Hotel.

Entry fee is an item of clothing that we can donate to a local charity. Please respect this, if we can help others while we are having fun then that is a good day for everyone.

See you there!
Chad Ford.

30 is so young!

Over 30’s won by Micheal Mulhall

Mick was plain lucky this time. Next year I’ll make my layback smith in the deep around the corner and it’ll all be over for him!

:wink: :unamused: 8) BS

haha… Geez Bill, you should have seen me try to pick my jaw up off the ground when I saw you drive into that layback. I wish someone took a photo.

I was dissapointed that some of the other over 30s crew didn’t go in it, but I was more stoked to be skating with you guys than with the “something to prove kiddies”.

In all honesty, skating that day wasn’t about trying to be some guy for me. It was about redemption. This was my first contest since Kuala Lumpur X-games in 03, which was a couple of weeks after Fins passing. I was VERY nervous in that comp, because I was thinking about him, and ended up coming last. Earlier that day I had broken down when asked about him by Trevor and Renton, and cried (which I’m doing as I write this) in front of them and others for a good 20 minutes. Sorry, but I do have to get this out of my system. I really miss him, as I’m sure that many others do. Fin was more fatherly to me than my own ever was.

Umm… I don’t know what to write now. Thanks for the memorable day lads. It has made a huge difference to my life and I look forward to whatever comes next.

Hail to our fallen heroes!

Thanks Mick, I’m glad someone noticed my spectacular failure. It was a great sesson for me. I skated a little harder and faster than I usually do these days. Now I’m kinda depressed because I couldn’t get anywhere near that level at last night’s MASH session. Skating is so much in the old noggin, especially if you once could do a lot more! (plus GH’s light pole and Richard Grant’s centrebolt both tried to kill me! )

BTW, how cool is Sasha? I hear he is moving to Bondi if possible. He’ll make an excellent MASHman …

Yeah, Sasha is a super cool cat. Funnily enough, I met him through Chad way back in 91 when we stayed at his house in SF. We got along really well because we’re both the same age. You know… drinking, smoking, gettin sloppy in SF bars. hehe… He even had to remind me about some night that involved flaming lamborghinis that I had totally forgotton. Brobably because of the lambos. Don’t ever go to Surfers with him or you’ll end up in a strip club every night. hahaha…

He e-mailed me a pic that he took of me doing a layback rollout at Parra from earlier in the week, which also had a shot of him doing one of his amazing padless frontside inverts at some nice looking bowl. The guy is very well travelled. He also said that he’s gonna try to save up and get back out here soon. He had better not be just talkin shit again.

Geez I’m sick of missing all the MASH sessions. Bloody work!