Bondi Night Session 3/5/06


Jamie Greentree (Warning: Colours may damage your eyes) :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Corbin Harris

Adam Luxford

Mick Mulhall


Geez you’re quick on the posting tonight Bill. I’ll have to make that layback next time. The pic is bloody nice though. I like Luxfords backside ollie too, but the one of Jamie just makes my retinas burn.

Hey, do you mind if I send that pic to Pro-tec? I’m sure that Paul will like it.

haha… I can’t wait to meet the ladie that Jamie marries.

I can’t beleive that I just spelt lady, ladie. Dyslexia is a horrible disease.

With my professorial gown on, I must inform young Master Mick that his spelling was correct the first time. It is Lady in the singular; Ladies in the plural.

What’s worse is that Master Mick appears to be attempting to pre-empt the Bondi layback that was going to lay him to waste in the old bastards section of the next Bowlarama …
you may now go to recess.

Gee… that must mean that Jamie belongs to one of those religions where he can marry a gaggle of geese. Lucky bastard!

Re-read my post Bill. You will find that I was in fact, incorrect the first time around. Get your spelling B cap on mate!

You also missed my Eric Grisham styled foot plant attempt last night Bill.

Mick your not alone with the speling woes :laughing:

funny thing is im into girls who wear all black.joan jett is so is the one with dark hair in bananarama.its all about the bob haircut…shit thats a good band name. bob haircut…and yes mick i also would love to meet the girl im goin to marry. :laughing: