Bondi - Sooooo last year!

ON my last visit to Bondi of 2005 I managed to snap a few worth shots of various MAS*Hers braving the heat

Steve The Machine getting up there

Karvin Kiwi after many lonely secret training runs was seen double trucking the deep end

Doctor Bill was getting his shread on with out ollie horns or straps

The good Doctor again, near identical shot and timing but this time with a lot more attitude

Col with a pregrab air

Also seen at Bondi was a fellow MAS*Her who shall remain nameless chatting up some of the locale talent seen twirling balls on a string (could be an interesting way to spend New Years evening really!!!)

Happy New year Dudes

Beach Paparazzi hey,Happy new year dudes :smiley: :smiley:

thanks for snapping me Mosu. I am not even going to debate the phrase ‘pre-grab air’!

can’t ollie much, with or without straps, Bill

So now I know what Mark gets up to when I’m working hard!!! Any further incriminating evidence will be appreciated. Perhaps I need to keep him on a shorter leash!!! Do I detect a tinge of jealousy? Have a great New Years Eve and try not to drink too much or you shall also be in the dog house Mr Mosu!!! All my love, Leanne.

It wasnt like that honest. Mark was just being social and I was just having a laugh at his expense :blush: The twirly Wirly Girly set up camp right next to us all so Mark just had a chat. (mental note must delete the nude photo’s before Leanne sees them)
As for your accusation of a twinge of jealosy All I can say is guilty but with mitigating factors, Im male and she is a bit of alright hey!

I call them pre grabs cause Col grabs the board first then airs as opposed to popping the air and then getting his grab on