Bondi Sos Jam warm up

damm wish I had a flash Danny Van 540 attempts so hot right now!!!
here is a little of the action on my digi
MM going big, not landed.

visiting South African grinding

Fluoro Jamie thru the tight corner

Big Daz grind

Boris grind

MM front rock

Wedge grind

stay tuned for more SOS jam fun!

I have Dannys 540 attempt on my handy cam + some other footage from SOSSJ 05. I will see if I can get some one to help me get it on site as I don’t have a clue how to do it.Hell I only got the cam a short time ago and can only just drive it.

just post a link to your file. maybe host it on

do you know how to download the film to your pc (helps to have a firewire cable)

Yeh I will still need help from some one who knows how to do it. I will do my best and make arrangements.