Bondiboy baby guessing comp

Well I say comp but there’s no prize. Mr and Mrs Bondiboy are expecting a new lil’ shredder this month. Shoulda done this for mosu but it only just came to me.

Guess date, time, weight and name… closest wins.

Couple snippets to help - 1. Due date is 26 May, 2. It’s a boy.

I’ll say 27 May (sorry Mrs Bondi), 4.0kg (ouch) and Jay (as in Adams).

27th May, Mert, 4.3 Kg

Wishful thinking: 27 May, 10am (a nice humane hour!), 3.9kg and I’ve got the inside running on names…

17th May, 1030PM, 3.5kg, Boy, with you steve lets go with Jay Adam, if its a girl…Rachel???

We know he’s a boy Leah - sorry to disappoint!

25 May, 3.9Kg, Boy (or close to it), Name: SoyDecaffeLatte (Very Bondi) :wink:

May 30, 3.7kg, Cab.

They have been known to get these things wrong you know Bondiboy!!! :smiley:

Last ultrasound clearly showed (ahem!) a male appendage! That and the full biscuit chromosome/needle through the belly test (gawd what do they call that again? mental blank… :blush: )

May 26th, 3.8kg, Scott.

amnio synthesis?

Amnio sentisis sounds about right!

Amnio is a bit of a ruff name for the Bub why not Scott?
I didnt even know you were Italiano


Still waiting for Col jnr.

No-one gets a prize 'cept Mrs Bondi who may get a prize for waiting!

Li’l dude must be in there practicing his smiths so he can pull one on the way out - grrrrrraaaaaaccchhhhh :wink:

if he is like dad he is enjoying having a sleep in :laughing:

congratulations. i suck at guessing so yeah congrats and i wont bother failing with my guess.

7bl 2oz girl Jane

A bit of an update…due to the little feller (we know he’s a boy!) being about 10 days overdue, unless he gets out himself we will be commencing eviction proceedings (i.e. inducement) this wednesday or thursday - naturally I’ll keep you posted!

Im betting Friday

BondiBoy66 and BondiGirl66 are currently now in the process of having BondiBaby05.

Looks like Im wrong on when (unless there is a 2 day labour and I wouldnt wish that on anyone)

BondiBoy66 wont be a started at tonights film festival or Thursday night at Balmoral (if you know what I mean)