Can supply these at about Aust $145 delivered.
Once I have an idea on numbers will supply a definite price (could be 5-10 bucks cheaper)

No need to say much about these babies, the name speaks for itself !!

OK…so these bearings are not cheap (but the cheapest I have seen them on the net is $130 US plus delivery another $8-10 US)

BONES SWISS CERAMICS…$130 AUST (del to your door Aust Post)
Try and find them cheaper !!!

Part of the reason Rockin Ron started making bearings is the high price some companies charge.
I reckon Rons ceramics will be a better deal, and more to the point possibly the better bearing.

Rockets are the go std rockets are close to as fast as swiss ceramics and ron’s ceramics faster again according the the guys that fly on bulldogskates Holt Olden and crew swear by them and these guys rip.

Ron actually skates as well, bet no one at Swiss does.

No probs guys, I have no doubt Ron makes a top quality product, dont think I have ever said otherwise.
APOLOGIES to all if it was taken in that context.

I just happened to find a good deal and tried to pass it on!

Was not having a crack, Sean. just what i see as the facts std rockets are super fast in any wheel hard or soft.

All the guys that are “in” with rockets in the USA on BDS and other sites all swear by the Rocket ceramics as being the fastest ever.

and then there is the lifetime rebuild option

No probs Fletch…
What are the wheels that you wanted to trade?

The ones I have: spitfire (cored centre spoke design to save weight)
60mm, 75A, red color
had about an hour of riding on them, nearly new.

Sean, ones i have are also Spitfire 64mm solid 100a core with 92a outer. They are a nice smooth fast wheel

Dont think i can make it tues night unless it is for a quick one at pt cook will throw them in my bag anyway.