boomer does dogtown

a few shots from my travels through venice at xmas on my way to oz

me bombing THAT hill [bicknell hill]

low surf at pop pier

acid drop the venice pier roof?

O.G. zephyr shop

T.A’S new shop in fairfax L.A.

the pool at the new santa monica park ,this was so smooth it was effortless.

got a load more but got to upload them first :wink:

Boomer that is a journey that most of us can only dream of. Im so glad that you decided to share them with us (make us drool rather). Scott Spring came to my house only to to book a flight California, i thought i got over it until you had to go plastering pictures of great skateboarding significance on Charlie. Big TA thats absolutely priceless, i was lucky enough to see him on one of his Aust journeys, but to be with the man in his home town would have been an unforgettable climax for me.
You say you are going to post more? What are you waiting for?

GH is sure right, fantastic shots from Boomerdog. Are you about to push your back leg and throw a huge tye slide, or just power all the way through like the TA character in Lords? Is that a genuine old skool board with narrow trucks you’re riding? Are the red T- shirts you’re wearing Zephyr replicas? Why do you and Tony look so determined and serious? Is that just the natural effect of TA intensity?

Who was on the grassy knoll, back and to the left …

In 1997 I skated around Venice, LA, and also the Streets of San Francisco on a paddlepop I bought at Haight Ashbury in SF. I didn’t see TA or any other skaters in Venice or Santa Monica at all, just muscle men and angry mountain bikers. But in SF I saw guys bombing the same hills you see in classic car chases (like Bullit) at incredible speeds, pulling off ollies and power slides, dressed in full business suits, even the shoes! Perhaps these were the original Skate Execs?
More photos please from the injured Boomerdog …

mate hes got heeps more ive seen em just sat there like a stunned mullet
shock: !!
john the pom

o.k. a few more,
bicknell hill again, the other jay [my boy]

inside the zephyr shop,jay checking out an original 75’ delmar national shirt

me & rockin’ron at the cove skatepark santa monica

outside ray flore’s board gallery,vintage bamboo covered longboard

inside ray’s place, is fantastic,his collection is huge,this is one tiny wall
he is a top bloke ,& very genuine, no bull.

still got more… :laughing:

Does anyone else think Rockin Ron looks like Danny Van?

Holy shit. Bicknell, TA, Zephyr, Ray Flores, Rockn Ron, Pop pier. :open_mouth:

all of this was the week before christmas, go it is worth the effort!

you never know who yo’ll bump into

Mosu, I do see Ron’s resemblance to Danny Van, but also traces of Old School Richie and a dash of TA himself. It’s spooky …


God damn california dream trip, that last shot of Jeff is wonderfull!

Mmmm yes that last shot looks familiar.
Like this one

indeed the last shot was from his site…lol all the rest are mine though :wink:

this was from the notice board of rip city skates,[one of the oldest skate shops still left in L.A.]pic of skip top left.

what’ya reckon these puppys would fetch on e-bay?..from ray’s collection

Nice pics Nick,

Was slightly jealous before …

All the best.