boomers bad break

next run after this photo was taken boomer who had only been in the country 4 days and on his first skate doing the same trick slipped landing on his left elbow cut a long story short badly disclocated elbow and 2 fractures of the elbow cup he was in surgery 5 hours ago to pin the elbow back together .could not believe it we had only been skating for half hour and he was warming up and meeting all the crew thanks to sean from melbourne who we took up with us and before he could skate the bowl we were hospital bound . get well soon boomer

bummer get well soon

gosh awful bad luck boomer old chap. get well soon.

I was really upset by your misfortune. I had been looking forward to meeting you for some time now. You got to mend soon man . we need more old schoolers in our ranks.Nice to meet you and some of your kids .Just wish it could been under better circumstances.To you and your family I hope you mend soon. Looking forward to another time when we can roll again. Richie.

Boomer, if you’re reading this, massive sympathy. I’ve been reading your posts, visiting your cool british site, and looking frward to skating San Remo with you for weeks now. I reckon all Australian old schoolers will be wishing you a speedy recovery and many more happy layback grinds.


Boomer…couldn’t believe your misfortune. John has filled me in on the details…faaaarrrkkk.

Thanks also for the central coast hospitality, good to meet everyone at last! John thanks also for the lift.

I hope Nick is recovering ok.After you all left Paul turned up.He was as dissapointed as me with your mishap. I stayed and had a roll in the bowl for a while and Paul and myself had a good session.I would have loved for you to have been there in stead of being at hospital you would have had a blast.You seemed to just to be getting warmed up too.I definitly want to skate with you again. Get well soon .

speedy recovery mate!

ello everyone,
thank’s for the support guys,
had the plaster & the stitches out today,7 inch scar,3 titanium pins,very limited movement in the elbow joint,time is now the key player back to full fitness ,
not a good start to such a great country,everyone has been really kind to me & my family.
made in the u.k…rebuilt in oz…lol. :laughing:
top job ,nice one…boomer

Hey Boomer, any word on CW? Dist here seems to have fallen over!

i’ll have a word with mr. brooke,leave it with me dude. :wink:

here’s the hardware shot :open_mouth:

nice cut & shut :laughing:

only have 20% movement in the elbow at the mo’ :frowning:

Boomer, I was just wondering how the arm is doing? and I was going to ask for pictures, but you beat me to it!!
So when can you skate again?


hey sean, :smiley:
having pyshio every week, arm is still numb from wrist to tip of elbow,have some movement in elbow joint but it’s gonna be a long road to normallity :confused: ,that’s skating for ya’… :unamused:
have still been going to slam every wed to hook up with the naacs boyz. :smiling_imp:
keep rippin’…boomer :wink: