Box Hill

:smiley: I had the pleaseure of sk8ing the new Box Hill bowl on the weekend, the kidney is tons of fun - sort of a soft version of Coburg with a flat bottom. The hips are pretty mellow and you can keep carving till the legs give out.

It’s still fenced off but there was probably 50 plus skaters in there on Sat arvo and one lonely security guard who gave up trying to throw them out.

saw some pics of it. looks excellent. post a pic on charlie next time you go there.

Wish Sydney had more parks like Melbourne does

Cary, I had a skate there sat arvo as well but sec’ guard had gone home.
Will be heaps of fun when the dust settles a bit.

Went for a drive out there today will post pics tonight.

Gday Carey! I heard it opens officially on June the 19th. But I dont know how reliable my source is!!

The security guard went off threatening to call the police:
“hello emergency, I’d like to report a crime…
…yes, skateboarders again…they’ve completely overun a skatepark…yes that’s right a skatepark…you have to come now…they’re skating all over the skatepark…hello…hello…are you there?” :open_mouth: