Bra 29/4/6

anyone up for a roll at maroubra tomorrow morning??

8ish is good for me

ok then.
looks like I’ll be skating with all me mates :unamused:

Oh I’ll come with you…someone has to get snaked by you! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee I wish I could go :frowning: :frowning:

I’ll do my best to get there!

I’d better get to bed then …

Damn you rain…damn you to hell!!.. :imp:

Rain interrupted play this morning.

Dullo tomorrow Mosu?



Be sure to get out to Allawah

After being rained out today, negotiations with the Social Directorhave allowed me out tomorrow. However, both Mosu and I probably wont have enough time to make it to Dullos, so will be hitting the Bra instead. Anyone else wanna come out to play?

Basically time is short for us due to wifey and bubby comittments!

Yeh yeh I can do 'bra tomorrow.

I’m in!

Got up this morning at 7am, changed and fed Milo, and it rained on me :cry:

Even my wife felt sorry for me :smiley:

Wondered where you were Steve. Unfortunately I went to Dullo not Bra as was previously stated.

Bit quiet at Dullo till the crew fronted up Steve machine, Kel,Haggy, Max. Mustang and Skoot attended for the social value (and to get coffees) while they both recuperate.

Fun day ruined only by the fact I had to leave early to go to the wifes soccer game (her team won 3-0).

Dave mate Ive still got those wheels for ya when will we organise a skate and both be there? (wednesday’s no good im on baby sitting duties for the next decade or while soccer season is on)

I missed a lot of the threads cause my computer died (friday night) but after much tinkering ( and cursing) and a new motherboard and power unit has been ressurected.

Sorry I did’nt make it on Sunday - domestic life took hold (particularly when the little bloke got a bit crook :confused: )…sometimes I wonder if I’m ever going to get time to skate!

Nevermind. Pat, Andy, Dave, Clay n Blake showed for a good session.

Andy acid’ the shallow and will be facing the judiciary on an elbow charge.

Pat “Bones” Rodriguez displayed all his skills on his new Pro model snubnose complete with Gullwing III’s.

Fun session had by the ‘pillow top’ crew!

I hope that Andys elbow recovers fine…ouch :open_mouth:

Just keep organising those sessions Mark :bulb: , then head to a completely different skatepark :question: and we’re sure to never see each other again! :frowning:

Bondi tonight???