Bra Bowl Update.

Stopped in to the Bra Late this arvo for a quick roll. The bowl had some rubbish and broken glass in it, some dirty bastard has dropped a turd in the deep end, but the worst news is where the fire had been lit recently there are a couple of nasty little craters maybe 100mm in diameter, and 5to 8mm deep. If much more damage is inflicted, I fear the pool will soon be very dodgy to skate. Where abouts on the site is that number that Bra Pete posted for the Council? Has anyone else called the council? It will be a total tragedy if these brainless assholes kill the bowl. If the council wont act maybe we will have to take on the repair job ourselves.

THATS IT , Right saturday morn bondi .the working bee at the bra , sand back with my belt sander, repair concrete scable damage, and a coat of non-slip low sheen ,and warning mesage to would be vandels whos" with me ?

yes Im with you in spirit
no Im not doing it cause then council can make us pay for damages to the bowl despite the fact we would be acting to repair it.

(aint the law fuck)

best thing everyone can do is call Randwick Council

or phone 1300 722 542 (Randwick Council call center, ring em up and speak to some disinterested Pommie Backpacker)
or Phone 9399 0999 which is the mayor Murray Matson (ok im kidding …)

or email on

better yet do all of them on your works time, unless your self employed in which case do it during your lunch break

Yep made the call yesterday. I also suggested to them that they get rid of the plastic otto bins and replace them with steel, or at the very least bolt down/secure the plastic bins to prevent more bins being burnt in the bowl. I figured if it was suggested they may even have a think (hard for a council I know) and realise its not a bad idea…

Putting complaints in writing is also good when dealing with govt., as they have to do something about a letter, whereas a phone call can get fobbed off/lost/fortgotten about.

And Mustang Mark, I would happily jump in to clean up the bowl, but as Mos says, we don’t wanna be made liable for the damage - durn council doesnt need any ammo to blame US for the damage!

I’m in, but I vote that Mosu be in charge of Turd duty.

Dave dude you need the training . Ive already worked out how its all done.

It does look a bit like a giant potty when you think about it. Can’t understand the ‘sh*tting in/on things’ mentality - sick bastards oughta have their noses rubbed in it (thought they might enjoy that).

Let’s see how long Council take to act - we may be forced to fix it ourselves. The graf is a major problem though. Maybe we get a few reflective vests and pose as contractors with a steam cleaner. If ranger comes we tell him we’re on the job…

Either that or be totally up front with the council and tell them that we are tired of waiting and will fix it for them (hmm maybe for a case of beer?) - may be best to get permission in writing too just to cover our arses against council fuckwitedness…

ignorance can be bliss, but it also leads to accidents.
the council already have the necessary paint and epoxy cement to maintain the park. they’re just slack.
no other explanation. their lack of ‘duty of care’ is something they do knowingly and explain away as budget related.
notice how it is spruced up before a comp or official demo?
a new fence is going in -i have pics but am still not able to post them properly on this site- same style as bondi.
do not ever sand back or blast away at concrete to remove the paint!!! you just fuck the surface!! the paint the council uses wears off taking the graffitti underneath with it, as you may have seen previously.
i come back to : ‘the number of uses versus maintainence’ should be comparable to any other council sporting facilities. ie sporting fields with full time grounds keepers, all done for 40 people to use for 10hrs a week.
i propose to meet with the general manager and ask if we can contribute to repairs and upkeep of the 'crete.

I’ll be a player in that - just say when!

Any night meatings this week boys, wheather permiting , note dully still has a lot of water entry in the expansion joints. However if we get a clear afternoon she should be fine.

OH I Forgot the dully gromies have been speaking to the youth cordinator the had dully built a few years back and he wants the lights on. From the sounds of things the councils main concern is vandels,so he has promised regular police patrols. I don’t known what this will mean for us. Also rumour has it theres a comp at Riverwood this Sunday. I wonder if its another one of those gromie diversion ploys. Has anyone got any good news :frowning:

I think Petes idea is the go, if we can track down the Manager Im happy to attend a meeting with him. Also Id be happy to get stuck in if we have a day of maintenance.
Does anyone know if there is a cement based paint available that maybe sets with a matt, grippy finish? Wistful thinking maybe. My mobile no is 0407466806 if anyone wants to give me a call .

Got this zine from mbr pete.

i had a quick skate there last night and it didn’t seem as slippery but the holes are nasty. a new metal fence has been put up which is a good sign.

Are the holes too wide/deep to fill with auto body filler (aka bog)? You can buy the stuff by the bucket - mix extra catalyst in and it goes off quick. Genny can run heat gun to dry it and belt sander to finish it.

What say if Council haven’t fixed it by next wed night we hit it?

You don’t even need a belt sander - my old man (retired panel beater) has these rasp thingies that wwill knock the top of it (ahem) - its not smooth enough to paint to a mirror finish, but its plenty smooth enough to roll over…for the nice finish you sand it next.

You could patch these holes with the old bog no problems at all, in fact I have a large tin at home rignt now. The only thing is, its probably not the best material to use for long term durability, but will definetly do the job. If we’re going to throw some paint around, lets paint the whole bowl, shit, some grey matt finish has got to be better than some of those ugly, high gloss death trap tags.

Yes Karvin Kiwi is quite the expert at grafity. Here’s some of his handywork.