Saturday at the Bra. Free parking nice coffee and a few grinds

Steve acid

Chopalero acid with tail grab

Steve grind in the Deep end

Some of Choppers mates from work stopped by to perform a rescue. Chop texted them and asked them not to get to much salt spay on the Copter. I think the exact text reply was “Fuck off skaterboy”

Chopalero carve with grab

JuniorExec aka James


PhatLogie your getting higher on your runs mate!!!

Dodgy framing of Rich but for some reason the pic sort of works

Rich 50-50

Mustang Frontside tongue carve

Man that acid drop of the executive
You have caught that perilous moment between super man and made it.
Great photo’s Mosu…

Sweet switch frontside grind by me!

Great shots, another fine MASH session.

SkateExec’s new promo vid? (see above)


acid drops and switch grinds - thats red hot skateexec.
Chopelero has got the DP pointing thing going down too.
Mustang Mark doing the ballsy carving - looks unstoppable despite losing one of his nuts at Bondi.

I’ll be in Sydney this coming weekend - in Bondi.
Might get a chance to meet up.

Nice shots and a fun session, well done Mosu!

I can almost smell the sweet heady aroma of those tiles on frontside now… :confused:

@Michael Markitect - Saturday morning Bondi is the regular session for MASHers. See you there?!?

The switch grind comment was a larf - the pic has been transposed somehow - check the mirrored graff :wink:

You’ve got till next week end then to learn it.
I’ve been practising my berts.

3rd pic, right Steve?
I wondered what you meant by the switch grind comment. When I checked the pic’s first time I missed as your frontside/backside turns are usually hittting coping.
It was only when I realised that South Maroubra head is usually on my right not left that the penny finally dropped.

not I got to work out how ive “mirrored” the pic.

thanks for the positive feedback

Markham unreal bondi Saturday morning Ill count the sleeps :slight_smile:

If I can switch frontside grind Bondi Michael, you can Bert to boardslide revert it! (How cool would that be by the way…)

No, much like the male manits approaching a potential mate - the bondi bowl is treated with respect and great caution by it’s suitors. Leaving unscathed is enough for me each session :wink:

I am at this time practising such a manouvre after Richie’s instructions to try a number of variations. However I do this in the children’s sandpit of Fitzy bowl and would not contemplate such moves within the hostile hole of Bondi on its perilous vertical upper quadrant.

I will give a standard bert on vert a go there though - the corner of the deep looks promising. Hopefully I will be able to make it down to the bowl on sat. morning. Part of my reason for being in Sydney is in fact to do some work. I’m hoping it can be dealt with in about 5 minutes flat.

I think the Dr. and Errol will be attending a Kariong Pool Session and I hope to join them. I also want to roll the historic Boat Ramp if possible. So the agenda for the week end is packed.

I shall be in Sydney for the Monday and have it free of work. During that time I’m hoping to spend a little quiet time at Bondi and come to grips with the beast or I’m happy to skate with anyone up for a session on the day normally reserved for readjusting to mercantile activities.

Michael, I hope to see OS Richie tonight at San Remo and will talk to him about matters Greenwich/Saurus. I will be skating Bondi on the Monday too and hope to gently persuade you that the trannies of Bondi are like big wide open loving arms waiting to embrace all skaters …

The flat bottom is however more like Mike Tyson waitting to chew you up and spit you out :laughing:

Ill get skoot to come down too Mick, he and I have some great bondi easy lines for first timers. If you can drop coberg shallow you will drop bondi ok but heaps of guys still climb in ,two kick turns of the back wall and your up to race speed ,can’t wait wish you could bring sean. :slight_smile:

No - don’t drop Coborg. No need to - just ride it like a pool and pump up the face from the shallow and get going that way. Seen more than a few people eat it in the shallow of the borg on their drops.
As to Bondi - I’ve heard the water fall is a bit terrifying the first 20 -30 times from MAtt G - best just rolled over from the shallow to begin with - sepecially if Mike Tyson is lurking down there at the end of it. Reckon I want to be able to walk to the plane after the weekend.