Bret - (One T) - Rest In Peace

Bret (one - t) passed away today – 16th December 2007.

I am told Bret surfed in the morning, that he had lunch with his beloved wife Janette and then went and played hockey in the afternoon. At some point during the game Bret was caught short of breath and left the field. Shortly thereafter Bret collapsed and passed away. Bret is survived by his wife Janette, his daughter Majenta and his son Lucas.

Bret was my best friend – we’d been brothers for 31 years – when my sister died of cystic fibrosis he looked out for me – he was also my best man – his daughter Magenta is my god daughter – So many adventures i weep to speak of them… - A great many many people loved Bret and this will be a sad time for all. I’m not a big fan of old cold cyber space but if you have a memory or something to share - someone might be warmed by your thoughts. Peace Mark

bret, together we shared some of the most classic moments. you showed me a whole new world. i feel so much right now for all of your friends and family, you my friend are one of the most inspirational people i have ever met. i really hope you passed away without too much pain. im going to skate albany tomorrow and we are going to do a piece for you. everyone live now, love now and breathe now, because tomorrow that may not be possible. one t, one love.

The news late yesterday has left me stunned!

My thoughts are with Janet, Magenta and Lucas, and his wider skateboarding family.

Bret is the skateboarders skateboarder:
always up for a roll,
willing to travel distances to hang out with his mates,
and his wealth of knowledge and stories of the Australian skateboard scene is priceless.

Bret is Australia’s skateboarding professor! (always tweaking set-ups and modifying hardware).

Bret’s contributions to the Oz skate scene will be sorely missed and there will always be a noticeable void at our future skating sessions.

RIP One-T!


This is tragic news.

My thoughts go out to to Bret’s family and friends.

Lost for words… RIP

Last nights news was devestating.

As janet said when I spoke with her " he died doing something he loved" this is about the only consolation one can take out of such a tragic loss.

Bret was one of a kind with only One T. I first met bret many years ago I cant exactly remember where but it was probably the Pond in 75 or so. We shared many skate based adventures and also a few non skating based adventures as well.

he was a great friend, skate and surf buddy. BreT you will be very sadly missed.

Paul, Wendy, Lachlan and Myles Fletcher

Condolences to Mrs One-T and little ones. RIP Bret.

A days posting silence after all have paid their respects I reckon.

This is really Bill, using Paul’s log-in.

Bret really was the skateboarder’s skateboarder in more ways than one. He was one of the most ‘together’ skaters I ever met - he knew how to reconcile work and play, how to make the most of everything he did. It is now our duty to share and enjoy life everyday in the memory of One-T.

I got the sad news last night and I’m still in shock. It was only 3 weeks ago I took my last photo of Bret at the SOS.

RIP - One T, you’ll be missed.

How tragic and how sudden. My condolences to Bret’s family. RIP.

Now it’s in print the reality is setting in, the phonecall yesterday wasn’t quite real. We are all shocked and shattered.

First and foremost our deepest sympathy to Janet, Magenta & Lucas.

Billy & I sat last night and joyfully remembered many priceless moments with One T, his dry humor, his reprimands, his alleyoops, his backside airs….just doin’ it for the photo of his backside haha, the shirt hanging Christian Hosoi style out the back of his shorts, the silly ‘eggbeater to tail’ trick that he and Billy invented at Newport which saw him injured and out of action for weeks, his generosity, his worldly advice on parenting & the fact that he was so proud of his kids, his friendship, his encouragement, his hat.

The last email most of us all got from him was about the Christmas BBQ saying “we should do Wednesday with our brothers”. Lets honour our brothers last request.

With the utmost respect & sorrow RIP One T, we’ll miss you

One-T rules. He pulled backside airs below the coping at The Gap with no shirt, stripey black and yellow grip tape and a smile from ear to ear, stoked on life.

RIP. We’ll miss you mate.


I will always remember his happy, friendly and welcoming nature


viva one-t

One T,
one minute we are rolling, planning our surfing with Fletch for next week, next minute, your gone!!!
Time waits for no one, Bret was always in the moment.
Pre Grab Backside airs tonite just for you mate, will now be known as the One T. This ones for you.
Jimmy, Karen and Jeremy LoRicco

I still cant believe this tragic news.
One of the friendliest blokes that i have met through skating.

As Jimmy said.
I’ll be dedicating backside airs at flaggy this week to you Bret.
Condolences to all his family and friends that see him much more than me.

Always a fun bloke to skate with at those interstate skate Jams over the last 5 or so years.


This is just so hard to take in.

The friendliest guy, thanks for the memories Bret.


This is… I am so shocked …
…words cannot express the deep loss I and everyone who knew Brett are feeling right now.

My deepest condolences and thoughts go to the the family on behalf of myself and all the SOS skaters.


You will be missed forever bro

my condolences to firstly his family as well as all his mates,which i know he had many.i am greatefull for getting to meet him during the sos weekend.shona,damon and myself(adrian a.k.a AGE) send our deepest sympathies to all who knew him best.R.I.P